50th Yr. Reunion - Oakland, CA


COINTELPRO 1O1 - [Video: 56 min]

Credit: Freedom Archives, Claude Marks


Steve Penn @ the Oakland Main Library November 1 2014 2pm


Funeral info about the Freeman Brothers


Gloria Rolando program SFPL


KC Celebration Program


KC Celebration Program


Emory Douglas @ Ethnic Arts

Oakland Black Panther Party Historial Tour


Black Panther Party Tours of Oakland
contact Billy X 916-455-0908

facebook address ..../ Black Panther Party celebration


47th yr image


Invite to the opening reception for African American
Photographer David Johnson in SF


Flyer for Panther exhibit

Oakland Black Panther Party Historial Tour


Black Panther Party Tours of Oakland
contact Billy X 916-455-0908


Passing of Wayne Pharr

Comrade Wayne Pharr Going Home Ceremony


Check it Out




Party People Play tickets


Kansas City Celebration Oct 2014


Kansas City Celebration Oct 2014


Kansas City Hotel Info


Update for Kansas City Celebration July 26th 2014


Kansas City Celebration Oct 2014

Kansas City Chapter Celebration
October 17, 18, 19, 2014


Photo exhibit and Film Festival at
Texas Southern University (TSU )


COINTELPRO and the Political Imprisonment of Edward Poindexter
and Mon do we Langa July 21th in Omaha NE.


Picnic and Benefit for Elder Freeman
@ Bobby Hutton Park, Oakland May 25

Lynne Stewart Celebration and Benefit,
Wednesday, January 29, San Francisco

Happy_76th_Birthday Happy_76th_Birthday 2

Happy 76th Birthday on Jan 5 to Elbert "Big Man" Howard

2014 BPP Women Calendar


Main Library, Oakland welcomes
Rickey Vincent and Party Music Nov.2

Click here for More BPP Books --->


BPP 47th Anniversary event Santa Rosa,
Sonoma County, CA Oct, 17, 18, 19th, 2013


BPP History month event Free our Political Prisoners

Legacy of Torture [Video: 28 min]

Thanks to Claude Marks & Freedom Archives for permission to use.


Emory Illustrates Torture

A Hero Atty. Julius Chambers Obituary ( He defended BPP members)

Chambers and his partner James Ferguson worked with the BPP in Winston and
defended several of our members. I hadn't heard of his passing. ...Evans

Let The Truth be Told - Women of the BPP [Video: 12 min]

Video Credits: Phyliss Jackson and Christine L. Minor

For background on the Campaign to
Release Russell Maroon Shoatz, visit:

Fred Ho: May 3 Free Russell Maroon Shoatz NYC Event


Medical Presentation On PP/POW's @ The Left Forum


For background on the Campaign to
Release Russell Maroon Shoatz, visit:

Fred Ho: May 3 Free Russell Maroon Shoatz NYC Event


Photo credit: Ducho Dennis

Happy Birthday Huey February 17th, he would be 71

The Call of the Cat   [PDF]

Jahti Jackson Maasai (Formally known as Tony Jackson)

It's About Time's Black Panther Party
Photo Exhibit going to Melbourne, Australia 2013


Pirkle Jones and Ruth-Marion Baruch Photo exhibit on the BPP

Reception Saturday, 19, 2013
@Harvey Milk Photo Center 50 Scott St (Duboce Park)

P1040956.jpg P1040971.jpg

BPP members celebrate at the BPP marker in Winston Salem N.C.

SAT. JAN. 19 @ 11:00 a.m.
Free Emergency First Aid Training @ Phat Beets Oakland



PEOPLE'S COMMUNITY MEDICS - Free Emergency First Aid Training

Knowing that 911 calls often do not result in an ambulance arriving in a timely manner to Black, Brown and poor neighborhoods largely inspired us to teach our people basic emergency first aid so that we can help one another until an ambulance arrives.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 19, 2013 from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Phat Beets Produce and The Crossroads Cafe is hosting the PEOPLE'S COMMUNITY MEDICS as part of the Food N' Justice Workshop Series.

We will give our emergency first aid workshop at 942 Stanford Street @ Lowell in North Oakland (near Market St.) at the North Oakland farmers market. (

• Learn what to do before 911 arrives in communities that experience injuries, street and/or domestic violence and are neglected by the system. You will learn how to treat seizures and bleeding traumas like stabbings and gunshots.

This is a free event.

You can reach us at 510-239-7720 and
The People’s Community Medics can be heard on Berkeley Liberation Radio, 104.1 fm or Saturday from 2 to 4.


Black Media Appreciation Night

Black Media Awards in Oakland November 26th

Photo Credits - Bill jennings - Its About Time


2013 Black Panther Party Calendar - Order today


Concert Poster for Leonard Peltler




    i230 i231 i229 




Annual Appeal from Worth Our Weight



As this holiday time of giving approaches, we at Worth Our Weight are writing to ask for your help in supporting our annual fund drive.  The generous donations we receive from our community are the backbone that sustains WOW's mission: delivering a culinary apprentice program for underserved youth, enabling young people to create productive, fulfilling and sustainable lives.  

 Many of our apprentices have regularly faced the threat of homelessness, a tragic situation that could have devastating consequences for them.  At the end of 2011 we  acquired a house near the cafe; this year renovations were completed. We now have a house parent, and apprentices have begun to move in.  We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our supporters who made this possible - thanks to you, the WOW apprentices will always have a place to call home.  

Our apprentices are the heart, soul and focus of our program. This year they have cooked with some very illustrious chefs.  Several worked with chef Duskie Estes at a spring fundraiser.  They were invited to participate in the Guy Fieri/Mario Batali dinner at Kendall Jackson where they cooked with chefs Josh Sylvers, John Stewart and Douglas Keane. This summer an apprentice interned in New York after graduating from WOW, and is now back home working at Spinster Sisters.  Other WOW alums are working at Viola, La Gare, Community Market, Heritage House, and Johnny Garlic's. Congratulations to these impressive young people!


We enjoyed our share of accolades this year. The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors recognized Worth Our Weight for its work in making the community healthier.  Our Executive Director, Evelyn Cheatham, was featured on KGO-TV's Profiles of Excellence and Chopped!  The Sonoma County Women in Law also honored her for her extraordinary work leading WOW.

 Another exciting development is that we recently acquired the Cookhouse property, a building that houses a beloved Santa Rosa restaurant.  While the Cookhouse will continue to operate under its current ownership, this acquisition holds the possibility of  providing WOW graduates with a place to work and be paid while maintaining a connection with the program.  


 Even though it has been a landmark year we continue to operate in a challenging environment.  Young people in our community, disproportionately bear the brunt of ongoing government budget cuts and the slow pace of  economic recovery. This makes Worth Our Weight more needed than ever. We are a small non-profit that receives no government funding, and very little in the way of foundation grants. 

 For all of these reasons, we need your donations now more than ever.  Your year-end donation  helps us pay for uniforms, supplies, transportation and the small stipend that, for some apprentices, means they will have the financial ability to continue in the program.  


Thank you all for your support of Worth Our Weight.  Very warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year from the Board of Worth Our Weight.


Susan Brown

Evelyn Cheatham

Jodi Cohen 

Karen Gifford

Steve Miksis 


1021 Hahman Drive    Santa Rosa,California     95405   





Annual Appeal from Worth Our Weight a fine eating place


"WE WERE FREE FOR A WHILE" - by Steve McCutchen


Black Panther Party International Photo Exhibit @ La Pena Berkeley January


Happy Birthday Valrie Trahan

Fundraiser BPP T's

Fundraiser BPP Buttons


40th yr Legacy Reunion Poster


Simba (Video)

BPP Historical Footage [Video: 18 Min] - (Past Event)

1. May 1967, Sacramento
2. Eldridge Cleaver, Sacramento State


Black Panther Party Exhibit at International
Marxist Festival, London UK opens July 5th

Freedom fighters at Marxism 2012 in the UK


Africa picture, Buying up Africa

Young Lords on Island


Black Panther newspaper in Cuba

Huey P. Newton on cover of Palante August 15, 1970

Lil Bobby Hutton Day Committee presents
"Let US not Forget" Event April 7th

Emory Douglas art in Australia

KC's Fallen Heros

Let Us Not Forget our Fallen Comrades

Statement from Pete and Charlotte O' Neal
from the Homeland

  1. Panther Sprit Lives On
  2. Lil Bobby
  3. Mo Power

Black Panther newspaper in Cuba

International's Womens Day

Sisters of the BPP by Yassmean NY

Donald Cox, Field Marshall

45th yr Celebration video - Steve McCutchen

Video Credit: Steven Levinson

Huey P and Connie M - 1970 Oakland

Rolling Stone cover- H.P.Newton- August 3, 1972

Charles Garry, Kiilu and Huey P. 1971 New Haven

Panther Baby Book Trailer
Panther Baby Book Trailer

Flyer for Occupy San Quentin


Photo Book on the SF Office of the BPP coming in 2012 by Billy X


Cindy Smallwood

Illinois Chapter Black Panther Party History Project, N.F.P.


Emory, Billy X and Big Man with film
director of Charles Garry's movie


Shaun Arts photo: Brother Sadiki "Shep" Ojore Olugbala (s/n Shepard McDaniel)

NY Amsterdam News Article:
"Once a Panther, always a Panther: Brother Shep"


Dated: October 13, 1968 - Location: Memorial for Black Panther,
Welton "Butch" Armstead who was murdered by Seattle police.

Seattle Black Panthers


40 yrs since White Panther Party Big
Concert Hill Street Reunion


Martina Correia. (AP Photo/Paul Abell)

Remembering Martina Correia


Fred Hampton Clocks

Your browser is not able to display this multimedia content.

We Called Ourselves the Children of Malcolm

Linking up our International Stuggle

BPP legacy alive and well in Lisbon/Portugal.
By the way the exhibition is STILL up and running,

Rigo from Madeira Island

  1. It's About Time Committee making the connection in 2005 with UAACC, and holding a International Conference in Tanzania in 2009.
  2. It's About Time and Emory Douglas host exhibit with London Panthers in the UK in 2008
  3. It's About Time host founder of the Polynesian Panther 2008 and aid in documerary film of their history.


Party Member Line up in DC


Washington DC Food Line


Attica 1971


BPP Film Festival at the Main Library Oakland, October 8th


Oakland Community School win award

Black Panther Party History Tours coming in October


Polynesian Panther Party turns 40

FRIDAY: The Revolutionary Legacy Of Young Lords
& Black Panther Party Continues

U.C. Berkeley Library to Host 45th yr International Panther photo exhibit


Polynesian Panthers 40th yr Annivesary June 2011


Panthers asked to go Libya on Peace delegation.


Witnessed somewhere in Northern Portugal, circa 2011

Our visit to Dos Amigos De Angola Portugal

Greetings from Lisbon and Vale do Amoreira

Bobby Hutton Day @ the
W. Oakland Library, 1801 Adeline 1-4 pm April 16th


Bobby Hutton Info

Photos from David Fenton Book "Shots"


Photos from David Fenton Book "Shots"

Just a reminder:
We have three exhibits on the Black Panther Party Legacy still up.


Brother Charles Bronson is recovering from his
operation in Sacramento and is feeling better
-- Billy X

Richmond Panther 1968


Bobby Bowens


SF protest 1968


I would like to thank the Brothers and Sisters from Winston Salem for this sweater.
-- Billy X

Global Appeal of the Black Panther Party

By Elbert "Big Man" Howard


Community Control of the Police Petition 1971


Michael Cetewayo Tabor photos by Melvin McCray 2004

Veteran BPP Sis. Dhameera's Concerns On
Cet's Memorial Tribute Outreach Flyer

Rock Memories

Photos by Iika Hartmann

Panther Events in Dallas this weekend


Cartoon du Jour (3) - By Khalil

Global Crisis [4min]

with Sauda, Kama, Ambrose(Sauda)
Featuring Newly Released

Black Community News Service Vol 1. No.1 1991 -- Part 1
Black Community News Service Vol 1. No.1 1991 -- Part 2
Black Community News Service Vol 2. No.1 1993

--- Memorial Issue 1991 ---
Former Party members called the Black Panther Newspaper Committee put this and
four other issues of the newspapers out from 1991 - 1994. Panthers and BLA members
worked together on both coasts to get this newspaper out.

Adele Mott-Roland (Pooh Bunny)


44th yr celebration in LA

These photos were taken by Billy X

Photographer or seeking too many details: Ernest Withers (painful)

Photographer Ernest Withers doubled as FBI informant to spy on civil rights movement

At the top of the stairs he saw the blood, a large pool of it,
splashed across the balcony like a grisly,abstract painting.

October is Black Panther History Month Events


Oakland Community School display @ Martin Luther King Library Oakland


LA Black Panther History Month Event Oct. 15th-17th


Cointelpro 101 Film (the freedom archives)

Premiering October 10th in San Francisco

Newspaper Articles

G2 supplement


Cartoon du Jour (2) - By Khalil


Cartoon du Jour - By Khalil

Birthday gift, Brother Pete turns 70


BPP Month Event in LA, Calif, October 16th 2010


Cartoon du Jour - By Khalil

Artwork of Gayle (Asali) Dickson

Statement: Artwork of Gayle Dickson former Panther and artist
for the "Black Panther" newspaper can be found at
Rasputin's Record Store in Berkeley in the front window.


THE GHETTO (state of mind) [Audio - 5 min]

Credit: Panther Cub (Son of Ronald Jackson) Seattle Panther.

Photo Book

Panther Youth Marching [2 min]

Credit: Freedom Archives


Photo from "Black Panther 1968" by Howaed Bingham


Bobby Hutton Day April 10, 2010

Lil Bobby Hutton Day 2010


Tanzania UAACC Photo

Tanzania UAACC Photos 1 | Tanzania UAACC Photos 2
Tanzania UAACC Photos 3 | Tanzania UAACC Photos 4
Tanzania UAACC Photos 5

Other photos from Tanzania will be on the Panthers in Africa link

Charlotte and Sauda

Organizer / Bob Lee

by: Mike Gray

Locked Up & Locked Out

All of Us or None Project

Black Panther Party Celebration in
Los Angles October 16,2010


Stokely Carmichael 1963
Photo credit: Leni Sinclair


SNCC members 1963
Photo credit: Leni Sinclair


Marcus Schell, Reggie Schell & Fred Hampton Jr.
Two Panther Cubs and the former defense capt. of the Phila. chapter.


Photo of Marvin Jackson, Fallen Panther LA office 2009

New Exhibits 2010


Check out this issue of the New Yorker.
Great photos from Civil Rights Era Section in magazine.


Book Signing

My book "Mother's Son"


Police killed Black Man in Colfax, LA

Black Panther Party Newspaper Exhibit Still Open


"Chicago Panthers Planning 40th yr
to Honor Fred Hampton and Mark Clark"

2009 Mark Clark Memorial Tribute

NY Panthers/Lords organize for 40th yr Anniversary

Chicago Panthers

The Black Panther Logo


Justice For All !
The Legacy of the Black Panthers

"Film by Reel News, London based activist video collective. Reel News produce a bimonthly 90 minute newsreel DVD; for more info, go to:

Fred and Willie (Panthers)


COINTELPRO -- by Tommyb

"Some of the dates and times are incorrect by the basic ideal is there" -- Billy X


Sacramento Sisters @ Bobby Hutton Park 1968

BPP Historical Footage [Video: 18 Min]

1. May 1967, Sacramento
2. Eldridge Cleaver, Sacramento State

Remembering John Huggins and
Bunchy Carter murdered 1969 @UCLA


Remembering 1969


Leaders of Tomorrow UAACC


Leaders of Tomorrow Info

Carrie's Art

Historical Panther Buttons


Oscar Grant and Herman Wallace -IMAGE- -IMAGE-

Fidel talking to crowd in Havana in 1968


Lil Bobby Hutton Day April 11, 2009

NY 21 1969


Unite and Forward Always


Two Exhibits @ Oakland Main Library Downtown

Remembering Sam Napier


Sister Asali's Artwork

Sister Asali was one of the Party's outstanding artists. Asali joined the Party in Seattle, Washington, and relocated in 1972 to Oakland to help work on the Bobby Seale for Mayor campaign. Because of her skills as an artist, she was placed on the Black Panther Party Newspaper staff.

She worked directly with Emory Douglas. Asali helped put out the paper weekly and did artwork for the newspaper. Here are a few examples of her work.

Asali still lives and works in the Bay area.



Breakfast for Panthers in Seattle last weekend in March 2009

Panther Day @ Southern California Social Reserach Center in LA March 7, 2009



Website of Geronimo ji Jaga

United African Alliance Community Center - (UAACC)

Pete & Charlotte O'Neal website

Under the Radar

J. Plunky Branch

Breakfast for Panthers in LA

Olive Morris: A Panther in Brixton


Here are some of the latest articles from The Black Commentator:

It's About Time would like to thank Karen Walds
for her donation of valuable historical material.

Neome Banks-Marko, OCS Reunon Group Pix

We're Planning the 42th yr Reunion of the Black Panther Party
to be held in Atlanta Ga. October 2008.

Further info on the way.
Billy X

Dallas Chapter of the BPP to hold Reunion 2009

PRISONS ON FIRE [Audio: 59 Min]
George Jackson, Attica & Black Liberation

Credit for Use: Freedom Archives & Claude Marks

Hello from Ivan (ASARO)
Houston Tour 2008
Houston Exhibit and Tour Photos by Billy X

Greetings All: Just back from Houston Texas,
the Station Museum hosted two very good exhibits, they will be on exhibit until Sept 16th 2008.

Portland Panthers Reunion in September 2009

2008 Legacy Events


Exclusive Film Showing "RICHARD AOKI" - 5/30/08

EastSide Arts Alliance presents Final Fridays Films of Resistance and Solidarity

UC Berkeley to host Black Panther Day on campus,
speakers, video showing, photo exhibit
Sponsored by the Afro/American Studies Dept Feb.14. 10am-3pm


The Richmond Art Center to host Panther Exhibits

The Richmond Arts Center (California) will host two Black Panther Party exhibits starting February 5. The featured Panther exhibit will be the Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas and a photo exhibit from the photo collection of Billy X Jennings. These exhibits will run through March for more info check -

BPP Family History

This is a project organized by Rori Abernethy
(Daughter of Gloria Abernethy and James Mott). Please support her.

Photos from Baltimore and Philly

Check them out:
Black Panther Rank and File exhibit in Baltimore attended by many at Maryland Institute College of Art November 8 opening. Many former Panthers came out. In Philly Panthers host book signing for Emory Douglas.

Billy X Jennings

Reception for Richmond Event
Emory Douglas "The Art of Political Protest"

Reception: Saturday February 9, Emory will speak @ 3pm
Richmond Art Center 2540 Barrett Ave Richmond Ca,

See and Hear Elbert "Big Man" Howard

This DVD tells the untold story of how it all started.
Hear Elbert "Big Man" Howard one of the six original founding members of the Black Panther Party. Hear this untold story of how it all started.

On Sale $15 and $3 for shipping
Send Money order to P.O.Box 130 Forestville Ca. 95436


Oct 23, Black Panther Party Book signing, in Sacramento

October 23, meet authors Emory Douglas and Dr. Curtis Austin, both will be signing their books at Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association located @ 2791 24th Street, Sacramento, Ca. Emory will be signing his book "Black Panther Revolutionary Art" and Dr. Austin will be signing and talking about his book "Up Against the Wall". 7pm starting time.

This event is being sponsored by It's About Time 916-455-0908

Images from William Cordova Link

VH1 coming to Oakland to do documentary on BPP

Been talking to VH1 about their documentary about the BPP,
they will be talking to folk over the next few weeks.
-- Billy X

Emory Douglas Book signing@ Guerills Cafe Berkeley

August 12 thur-October 21, 2007
1620 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, Ca 94709

HBO to do a 6 part special on the BPP

Carl Franklin

Peekskills Branch of the BPP in NY

Attachad is a pic of 22 Nelson avenue, BPP Peekskill Chapter. The street was demolished and the Main Branch Library was built on the entire block. Thought it was constructive that a public library would be constructed in the same location, for the community.

USSF San Franciso 8 Panel on Radio!

This program features a panel on the San Francisco 8 -
with Cynthia McKinney, Kathleen Cleaver, Soffiyah Elijah and Claude Marks.

Malik Edwards Artwork

Brother Malik was drawn to the Party from this experience in the Viet Nam War. Malik worked in our Washington DC office and later moved to Oakland to work on the BPP newspaper. Malik made weekly contributions to the newspaper, here are some the examples of his artist abilities.

Find out more about Malik read, "Bloods" and view the "Nelson Mandela" documentary.

Philly Chapter of the Black Panther Party
to hold 40th yr Celebration

Black Panther Party and The Movement Newspapers Exhibit

We would like to thank Rasputin's Music for the opportunity to display some of our historical photos in their windows. The display in the Berkeley store has been up since late January 2007. Starting in March in their San Francisco store we will have a display in that store window. Come check it out. Berkeley Store is located @ 2401 Telegraph.

Rasputin's Music is the largest Record Store in the Bay area.

Exhibits by: Billy X Jennings

Black History Month Events - Life in Tanzania


1. Life in Tanzania/ Black Panther Party Legacy Lives On in Africa
2. Photo display @ Rasputin Music (Front Window) 2401 Telegraph Ave Berkeley
Display will start Jan. 27, 2007. -- Display by Billy X

Talking Drums presents the Positive Action Newsletter
by the All African People's Revolutionary Party (A-APRP)

Happy New Year - Pete and Charlotte

Angela and Big Man

Angela Davis and Elbert"Big Man" Howard at the Alameda County Courthouse. They were part of the Essence Magazine photo shoot for the 40th yr Reunion and Celebration.

The magazine issue will be out in September. The people from Essence were wonderful, we all enjoyed being together again.

The main photo is of Bobby Seale, Elbert"Big Man" Howard, Tarika Lewis, Emory Douglass, Kathleen Cleaver, Ericka Huggins, Pat Brown, Angela Davis, BillyX and Majeedad Rahman in front of the courthouse.

Billy X

Pictures of Malika's Birthday: Part 1 -- Pictures of Malika's Birthday: Part 2

Malika known back in the days as Frankie, first female OD {Brooklyn Branch}. The sister in the picture with Frankie is "Ife". She was the first sister to join the Harlem Branch.

Emailing: rep

what do you think about this article from our web-page as a basis for the 40th anniversary panel. Kwaku The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

Shortcut to:

Field Marshall Don Cox

DC in NY and SF - Black and White photos, 1969 DC in France in 2000

May Day 1969

May Day 1969 Huey's Appeal Rally in front of the Federal Building in San Francisco. Kathleen is speaking, Jumbo from the Vallejo branch of the BPP and in the background are members of the Brown Bret organization.

Thousands of people came out that day, many students both high school and college. That was the day Sam Napier had us pass out Red Books to the crowd and photos were taken with Red Book held high in their hands.

Side note:
We called donations that day and it was Robert Bay's job to count the money so he had Anthony Woods my section leader and I count the money because he trusted us. We counted over $1,000. That was a lot of money in 1969.

Charles and Shelly 1969

In 1969 Charles and Shelly were married Revolutionary style, becoming the first to be married by the BPP. (In the background is Victor Houston)
Photo donated by Carol H


It's time to act to free Mumia Abu-Jamal, an award-winning journalist and former member of the Black Panther Party, who has been confined to death row in Pennsylvania for a crime he did not commit for nearly a quarter of a century. We cannot rely on the courts--which have refused to hear mountains of evidence that could free Mumia. We must rebuild the movement to free Mumia.

The Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal is calling for a united front rally, to be held at the Alameda County Court house in Oakland CA this year (date to be discussed), around the following points of unity --


All groups and individuals who agree with the above points and are interested in building such a rally, are invited to participate.

Please come to a PLANNING MEETING at 4 PM on Saturday May 6th, 2006, at 2827 7th St (Inkworks Press), in Berkeley CA.

- Contact the Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal at PO Box 16222, Oakland CA 94610. PHONE: (510) 763-2347. EMAIL:

Friday, May 12
A Candlelight Tribute to Revolution

Honor the memory of influential revolutionaries from all cultures by uniting with other students for a common cause. The tribute will include the opportunity to read poetry, sing or perform in memory of the revolutionaries. Social rights activists Kilu Nyasha, Elizabeth 'Betita' Martinez and Yuri Kochiyama will empower and educate participants for the purpose of peace and freedom. Free refreshments.

Time: 5-8 p.m.
Location: Library Quad
Free Admission

Next Event Celebrating the
Legacy of the Black Panther Party

Bobby Hutton Day

April 15, 2006 1pm - 4pm
W. Oakland Library, 1801 Adeline St

Speakers/Music/Poetry Slide presentation of Panthers in Africa
Sponsored by It's About Time, West Oakland Library, BayView Newspaper

For more info: 916-455-0908


"James Mott will MC the Bobby Hutton Day. James is a former Party member via Sacramento, moved to Oakland was OD at Central HQ's and member of the BPP singing group the "Lumpen", and teacher at Oakland Community School".

Ron Dellums called to say he will be at Bobby Hutton Day.

Joyce Hutton, Bobby Hutton's niece will represent the Hutton Family.

New Panther Photo Exhibit @ W. Oakland Library,
Rare photos by Ducho Dennis starts Friday April 7, 2006.
Sponsored by It's About Time

World Citizen Band will play @ Bobby Hutton Day April 15, 2006

New Developments in the Bobby Hutton Case

Article Credits: Mary Ann Carlton-Wyatt Michelle R. Matisons,
Robert P. Cabiness, Jr and Billy X Jennings

Panthers Speak Out@ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Come hear former Panthers talk about their experiences in the BPP.

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

Hear: Billy X Jennings, Oakland Panther; Kiilu Nysha, New Haven Panther; Sherwin Forte, Original Panther; Aaron Dixon, Seattle Panther and Tarkia Lewis, the first Sister to join the BPP in 1967.

Don't miss this historical event.

Panther Cub and Oakland Community School Bar-B-Q

Speakers, Music, Food, Comrades and Friends:

Panther Cubs children of Party members and Oakland Community School former students we are organizing a event to celebrate the founding of the Black Panther Party 40th year. All students and parents of students are welcome, don't miss this chance to connect with your fellow comrades.

We are planning this event now and it will take place this Summer. Please check the website for further info.

Reunion Committee


Going Away Party for Staajabu


Music, Food, Poetry and Good Time

Our sweet warrior sister is moving on to another region in America to do her good work for the struggle. For many years Staaajabu have been on the front line keeping us aware of our history , our enemy's and fighting for political prisoners. We salute you with this.

After the Rant-A-Thon come to KINKS International @ 629 15th Street. The Party to honor Staajabu will start at 7:00pm don't miss it.

Sponsored by Friends of Staajabu, don't miss it call 455-0908 for more info.


Black Panther Rank and File showcase

Black Panther Rank and File will showcase the hard work Party member provided to the Struggle in Serve to the People. I worked very hard on gathering info for this project. The Rank and File Experience has not been dealt with at all, hopefully this exhibit will change that.

Billy X

Black Panther Photo Exhibit in Houston

It's About Time traveling photo exhibit will be in Houston March 16, 17, 18, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in downtown Houston. We have been invited to the 30th National Black Studies Conference.

Panthers will host a panel on March 16, three o'clock until five o'clock PM.

Billy X Jennings and Boko(Charles Freeman) will host panel. Boko was former People's Party 2 member as well as a Black Panther party member from Houston.

Oakland Event Reception

Thurday, February 16 @ 6:00 PM

Asian Resource Gallery
310 Eigth St @ Harrison St.
Oakland, CA


Get the book and read it!

Radio Free Dixie:

Robert F. Williams & the Roots of Black Power

by Timothy B. Tyson
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1999.



Elbert "Big Man" Howard

Elbert "Big Man" Howard will speak at 12noon at the Awareness Building on the campus of Sacramento City College February 22. Come hear his story he was one of the original Panthers that formed the Black Panther Party.

For more info call 916-455-0908

Art Show in Sacramento

The exhibit was put together by Gail Shaw and we would like to thank everyone whom helped with this special project. We would like to thank KINKS for all the support. The money raised will go back to Zanzibar to help many others.

Billy X


The Art Show was a big success

The Art Show was a big success. A nice crowd of people showed up to view and buy some beautiful African Artwork by Aida Ayers of Zanzibar. Music was provided by the Stanley Trio of Sacramento.

Stanley used to play with the legendary jazzman Grant Green. A number of comrades came through to support Aida's work in Africa. A number of people came from the Bay area to support the Art show.

One of them was Emory Douglas who donated money for the projects in Zanzibar. Frank Kellums, Tiyesha and Marty Payne also traveled from the Bay area. They had all traveled to Tanzania in 2005 to visit Pete and Charlotte O'Neal.



A New Art Exhibit

Resist is a new art exhibit which brings to life the struggle of staying alive in America. From Africa to the Plantation Fields to the Ghettos of America. Special added feature Art from Africa by Aida Ayers from Zanzibar.

There will be an Artist reception:

Saturday Febuary 25, 2006
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
KINKS International 629 15th St
Sacramento, CA

For more info call (916) 455-0908
Sponsored ny It's About Time and KINKS International


Portland Screening

The Trials of Darryl Hunt
Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg, US, documentary, 2006

Wed, Feb. 1, 6:45pm,  Guild; and
Sat, Feb 4, 7pm  Hollywood

World Premiere outside of Sundance!

FILM REVIEW: The Trials of Darryl Hunt 

Belly of the Beast - A Photo Exhibit

Reception: January 28, 2006.
Meet Bill Hackwell, 7:00 pm at K.I.N.K.S

Black Panther Rank and File Exhibit

Black Panther Rank and File exhibit will be held March 17, 2006 thru July 2, 2006. This exhibit is part of the 40th yr Legacy Celebration of the Black Panther Party. This will be one of the largest exhibits of Black Panther material ever. The focus of the exhibit will be the rank and file doing community work.

Exhibit sponsored by the YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS
701 Mission St. @ 3rd, San Francisco

Black Panther Party Legacy
The Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center

The Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center is still open after more than 35 years and is still serving the community.

This clinic was started by the Seattle Chapter of the BPP back in 1969. First named the Sidney Miller clinic after a party member who was killed in 1969, then later changed to the Charles Drew Clinic.

Carolyn Downs worked at the clinic and died of beast cancer. After she passed away, the clinic name would change again to be named after Carolyn Downs for her hard work and devotion to serving the people. Many people helped the clinic grow and develop.

Dr. Green was the founding doctor and comrade Leon (Valentine) Hobbs later would bring his skills to the George Jackson Medical Clinic in Berkeley.

Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center

Panther Memorabilia Wanted

We need your help: We are gearing up for our 40th yr. Anniversary and Reunion Conference to be held in October 2006, in Oakland, CA.

We need Panther memorabilia for our many displays and exhibits that will be available for viewing before and during the reunion.

We need Panther Papers, posters, photos, banners, buttons or anything else produced by the BPP. Photocopies are acceptable, if you don't want to send the original.

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