Attica Rebellion & Black Liberation Movement Leader, Master Akil Al-Jundi will be honored in Harlem @ this years Black History Month "Tribute To All Warriors Of The Past, Present & Future" during Harlem's 8th Annual Kemetic Masters Of The Martial Arts Exposition.   At the event Bro. Akil's #1 Student & International Champion Sensei Mwalimu r. Sabree II; will be performing a live demonstration in honor of our fallen comrade.
 Sensei Sabreeís Martial Arts & Boxing training began under the direction of both his father and most notibly his late God-father, Master Akil Al-Jundi PBUH (peace be upon him).   His martial arts accomplishments includes First Degree Black Belt in Kumite Ryu Arnis Jitsu in 2007 a.d.  He also won the Twin Towers International Middle Weight Karate Championship held at Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, N.Y., defeating both the Korean and Japanese champions, respectively, in 2007 a.d.   In 2008 a.d. he won the National Middle Weight Championship held in Harlem, N.Y.   Sensei Sabree became a Golden Gloves Boxing Contender but decided to defer from competing for the Golden Gloves Championship in 2009 a.d. in order to continue his higher education as a Business Management major with a minor in Political Science at Monroe College in New Rochelle, N.Y. where Sensei Sabree was awarded the Certificate of Deanís List Honors for Outstanding Academic Performance for the Spring Semester, 2009 a.d. GPA (3.6).