Greetings All:


Nedzada and I can't begin to thank you all for your very kind generosity in coming to our rescue.


"We must have faith in the masses..." (Mao)


Not only has my faith in the people been validated and renewed, I'm feeling so loved and respected by such an incredible response.  In addition to meeting our financial needs, my house has been filled with flowers, plants, and cards, not to mention all the other goodies y'all brought us.:)


Your collective contribution received promptly added up to nearly enough to cover Nedzada's 3 missing paychecks.  In fact, with my addition, she's been paid for the whole period I was hospitalized -- plus I've been reimbursed some as well.  



Nedzada's surprise open house was quite successful.  She cooked up a storm and friends brought more.  We had a stream of visitors beginning Friday and going through Sunday, making this Big O birthday most exceptional and very gratifying.


We are both inspired and our spirits strengthened by your gifts and love.


Power to the people.


Peace & love,


Kiilu & Nedzada