Just a note to let you know that Wednesday Reggie suffered a major stroke.  it impaired much of his functioning, but he seems to be bouncing back to some degree, except for the fact that he is now unable to read or make sense of words on a page or screen.  this may or may not be temporary, given how he is bouncing back and able to carry on conversations now.

He's in California Pacific Medical Center on Webster, in room 511 B, where he'll be for a few days before he may be released to a care facility for as long as needed.  he'd certainly appreciate visits from friends and comrades.

keeping on,


Note from Billy X

  Many of you never knew Reggie, he wrote "The Panther is a Black Cat" published by Black Classic Press( Comrade Paul Coats Company in B'more) and we wrote for every Black newspaper in the Bay area, Newsweek, Time. He knew Eldridge and introduced Huey and Bobby to his close friend James Baldwin whom he calls Jimmy, back in 1967. I have been traveling to SF every few weeks to check on him and listen to the many stores he has about the BPP. He has added many items to our archives. Back in 1968 when we held that Big Rally for Huey's Birthday, he collected all the money at the box office and made a special rubber stamp for checks. The rubber stamp read" Black Panther Party for Self Defense". He wrote the message on the back of Elrages album "Dig". He traveled to our international office to cover the opening for Newsweek magazine.

  He had been sick for a while, his son was a Party member working out of the SF office back in 1968, his daughter is the top poetic in SF. I wish him well and will go see him soon as i return to Cali. I want to thank,Kathleen Cleaver Doug Norberg and Jeffery Blankfort for keep an eye on our comrade whom is 84.

Billy reporting from Lisbon Portugal.