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"I Am Deborah" Members Support the Women of The Black Panther Party (BPP) As They Speak at the DuSable Museum of African American History

Former women members of The Black Panther Party talk about the structure, philosophy, strategies, ideals and men of The Black Panther Party. 

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Pictured (L to R): Dr. Tracye Matthews, Black Panther Scholar - University of Chicago; and Ericka Huggins, formerly of the California Chapter, Oakland Branch; Charlotte O'Neal (Mama C) formerly of the Kansas Chapter, Kansas City Branch; Joan Gray and Dr. Yvonne King, both formerly of the Illinois Chapter, Chicago Branch, all former members of The Black Panther Party.
The Black Panther Party was responsible for instituting many social programs, such as: free breakfast for children, free community medical services, free clothing, free escorts for seniors, and free food programs ultimately became part of nationally public policy.

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Often overlooked in the history of the Panthers is the invaluable role of women in the Party. Had it not been for the presence of Black women, there would not have been a viable Black Panther Party.

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Women formerly of the The Black Panther Party and women of The Deborah Movement, including Carol Adams, CEO of the DuSable Museum (center), join to talk about strategy and institution building at this session on Thursday, May 13, 2010, at the DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago, Illinois.


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  Black Panther Party Women at George Jackson Memorial, 1971


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What is the difference between the women of The Black Panther Party and the women of today?


Since The Deborah Movement was founded two weeks ago, here are some of the victories and actions of the Movement:


100 Deborahs delivered a letter to the Chicago Police Superintendent asking him to let them participate in the policing of our communities.  


10 Deborah's counseled young teen girls who were involved in a mob/box cutter fight.


Deborahs attended Rainbow PUSH with Rev. Jesse Jackson in a show of solidarity with women from sororities and other women's organizations.


100 Deborahs held a "Peace in the Hood" vigil on Mothers Day.


Deborahs attended a meeting convened by state legislators to give their position on "Bringing in the National Guard" to patrol our streets.


Deborahs helped to organize and support 200 plus people in Gary, Indiana honoring the death of a 5-year-old boy allegedly killed by his parents.


Deborahs attended a session in honor of the women of the Black Panther Party at the DuSable Museum.


Deborahs have been acknowledge in newspaper, on television and on the radio constantly over the past two weeks.

You cannot fix the problems in your community if you do not try. Many women complain about what is happening in there communities and then they do nothing to change it. These women have no right to complain! Join

The Deborah Movement. Get into action! Become the solution! Save our communities!! Save our children!!! Start A Deborah Chapter in Your city.  Please call 773.285.9600 for more information on The Deborah Movement.


Gary Commission on the Social Status of Black Males and Gary Mayor Rudy Clay Honor the Death of Leon Walker, 5 years old 

Chicago's "I Am Deborah" Members Support Sister and Brothers in Gary, Indiana 


 Leon Walker, 5 years old

More than 200 rally near where Leon Walker, 5, died
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Gary, Indiana Mayor Rudy Clay, Brother Bennie Muhammad, Sister Muhammad and others from Gary call for "Peace in the Hood!"

May 13, 2010 

     A crowd of at least 100 people marched through Glen Park on Wednesday night, pausing to pray in front of the red brick house where 5-year-old Leon Walker was beaten to death on April 28.

     Armed with signs reading "Stop The Violence" and "Peace in the Hood," speakers called for the community to come together and end violence in the streets of Gary in front of the house in the 3900 block of Virginia Street.
     Walker's father, Leon Burns, and Burns' girlfriend, Rochelle Johnson, have been charged with murder. 
     Bennie Muhammad, who serves as the executive director of the Gary Commission on the Social Status of Black Males, said he was inspired to organize the march and "love gathering" after attending a similar event in Chicago.

     "We're coming together in a feeling of love and condolence," Muhammad said. "When one of us is maimed, all of us are maimed."
     Muhammad said Walker's funeral arrangements have been paid for by donations from caring community members and that funeral services will proceed. Walker's body has been at Divinity Funeral Home for two weeks since the Lake County Coroner's Office finished his autopsy.
     Elizabeth Woods, who works in the city's department of children and family services, echoed the need for people to speak out.
     "There's too much senseless abuse going on," Woods said. "We have to educate parents that there are other ways to deal with their anger. Sometimes it's the same way they were treated as children."
     Social worker Jerri Glass, who works at Thea Bowman Leadership Academy, agreed with Woods.
     "We both feel very passionately that we are losing too many young lives far too soon," Glass said. "We need to educate not only for parents but youth as well because it starts early."
 Pictures provided by The Black Star Project
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Gary women named "Deborah" holds signs calling for "Peace in the Hood!" 

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More than 200 people gathered to pray for young brother Leon Walker, 5 years old. 

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Supporters stop in front of the house where young brother Leon Walker was killed.


The Black Star Community PTA Heads into Its Second Year of Service
Congratulations to Mrs. Cynthia Flowers, Our Founding President

Black Star Community PTA Meeting  
Saturday, May 15, 2010
9:30 am -11:00 am
3509 South King Drive, Suite 2B
Chicago, IL 60653


Your attendance is requested at the next Black Star Community PTA & League of Black Parents meeting. All schools need engaged parents, a well-functioning Local School Council (LSC) and an active, viable PTA.  

  • Be the change YOU wish to see in YOUR child's school!
  • Help us choose and vote on a new slate of officers  for the Black Star Community PTA
  • Discuss strategies to improve education for our children
  • Learn of the power of The Deborah Movement
  • Help create summer activities for our children
  • Come get involved! Find out what you can do about it and how you can be heard!

Additional parking located behind the building RSVP or for more information:  773.285.9600 or


Providence St. Mel High School Is Looking for Next Year's Scholars

Congrautlation to the class of 2010! Please call 773.722.2222 to register your child in one of the best schools in Illinois.


The Black Star Project is recruiting young males 13- to 18-years old for the Black Star Warrior, Scholar, Healer Mentor Program

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The Black Star Project is recruiting 50 young males between 13- and 18-years old for our Warrior, Scholar, Healer Mentor Program.

Mothers have been great raising their sons but they cannot do it alone.
One of the glaring weaknesses of the Black community is the paucity of quality mentor programs to support youth, families, schools and communities.

The Black Star Project has found very few in communities of need in Chicago and those that exist have almost no funding for this important work.

The Warrior, Scholar, Healer Mentor Program meets four times a month; has a one mentor to 4 youth ratio; works on the issues of respecting elders; teaches youth to value education; teaches youth to honoring parents, young women and girls; teaches youth to be leaders and not followers; connects youth to positive male role models; travels to other parts of the city on field trips; brings in guest speakers; practices self-discipline; and more.

Youth must live between 2200 South and 5500 South in Chicago to participate in this program.

For more information about the Warrior, Scholar, Healer Mentor Program, please call Comella or Chris at 773.285.9600.  The Black Star Warrior, Scholar, Healer Mentor Program will be based at 3509 South King Drive, Suite 2B in Chicago, Illinois.


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