Lumumba Ford appeal

We learned that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Lumumba’s appeal in a decision filed in January. Basically they declined to decide the argument regarding the difference between sedition (his crime according to the plea bargain) and treason (the more serious crime for which he was sentenced) because there was no affidavit in the record to show that Lumumba would not have pled guilty to sedition had he understood he would be sentenced for treason.

The failure to obtain the affidavit by the attorneys who filed the original 2255 appeal means that Lumumba’s current attorney, Shaun McCrea of Eugene, is considerably handicapped in her ability to show prejudice to her client. McCrea’s choices now are to take this to the next level (albeit with the same flaws), which is the Supreme Court, or to ask the District Court to consider " ineffective assistance of counsel" concerning the representation by the previous attorneys.

We thank all of you for your support –– your prayers, calls, emails and for coming down to the courthouse on December 4. We will keep you abreast of developments. Meanwhile, please know that Lumumba is fine. At USP Victorville, he continues to pray, study and to teach yoga five days a week.