George Jackson

PRISONS ON FIRE [Audio: 59 Min]
George Jackson, Attica & Black Liberation

Credit for Use: Freedom Archives & Claude Marks

Remembering George Jackson

George Jackson event poster

An Evening with George Jackson @ Eastside August 21th 2011

George and Jonathan Jackson @ home

Remembering George #2

George Jackson killed 39 years ago August

Artwork credit: Pete Bettencourt

40 years ago today

Photos from the George Jackson Photo exhibit

George Jackson Legacy Exhibit
September 21 Thur October 19, 2008

Over 50 pieces to this historical exhibit of this warrior for the people and a champion of Prisoners Rights. There are photos, Front page newspaper coverage by the Black Panther Newspaper, SF Sun Reporter, Ramparts magazine. The exhibit also covers the trials of the Soledad Brothers, The San Quentin 6, Attica Prisoners uprising.

George Jackson Remember'd (Celebration of his life)
September 21 Thur October 19 2008
Location: New Black World 836-Pine St. W. Oakland, Ca 94607
Sponsored By: It's About Time website and the New Black World

Curator: Billy X Jennings
For more info call 916-455-0908 or check

Karen Wald's Collection