Schwarzenegger snubs George Jackson in clemency denial statement

Schwarzenegger snubs George Jackson in clemency denial statement

I am Evans Derrell Hopkins, the author of "Life After Life: A Story of Rage and Redemption," which details my life in the Black Panther Party, as well as serving a life sentence for robbery in Virginia prisons. I past in a comment I wrote about the execution of Stanley Williams.

Peace and blessings to all,

Evans Hopkins

P.S. As regards the earlier e-mail circulated by Maasai, I would also mention that George Jackson was the author of "Soledad Brother," and "Blood in My Eye."

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In denying clemency to Williams, Schwarzenegger noted that Williams dedicated his 1998 book "Life in Prison" to a list of figures that included the black militant George Jackson - "a significant indicator that Williams is not reformed and that he still sees violence and lawlessness as a legitimate means to address societal problems."

Footnote: George Jackson (1942-1971) became a black freedom fighter while serving a highly contested prison sentence at the Soledad Prison in Salinas, California. He along with two other inmates, collectively known as the Soledad Brothers, became internationally known for exposing prison cruelty, and admonishing capitalist oppression. George Jackson was killed by prison guards 3 days before his highly publicized trial.