In Commemoration Of The 40th Anniversary of the Harlem Young Lords Party & The "New York Panther 21"
      "The 2009 Black Panther - Young Lords Film Festival" 
                             @ The Maysles Cinema In Harlem 
December 3rd - December 12th, 2009
343 Malcolm X Blvd/Lenox Avenue 
(bet. 127th & 128th Streets)
(212) 582-6050
Suggested Admission: $10.00
(No one will be turned away for a lack of funds)
 Thursday, December 3rd @ 7pm
"El Pueblo se Levanta: The People Are Rising"  (B/W  50 minutes)
The story of the beginning of the Young Lords Party in New York. This historical Black & White film features the original footage of their first major political action and; NYPD confrontation with the Church takeover in "El Barrio" East Harlem. This film screening will be immediately followed by a Panel Discussion/Q & A with Original Young Lords: Felipe Luciano, Cleo Silvers & Miquel "Mickey" Melendez.   
(Additional Young Lords Panelist' TBA)
*Plus A Special Book Signing With YLP member Mickey Melendez author of "We Took The Streets, The Young Lords" 
  Friday, December 4th  @ 7pm
"The Murder Of Fred Hampton"
The story of the 1969 FBI/Police pre-dawn raid and assassinations of Black Panther leaders Fred Hampton & Mark Clark.  This film also includes original footage of Fred Hampton speeches and activities of The Black Panther Party in Chicago. This film screening will be immediately followed by a Panel Discussion/Q & A with Original Black Panthers: Cyril "Bullwhip" Innis & Sadiki "Bro. Shep" Ojore Olugbala
(Additional Black Panther Panelist' TBA) 
*Plus a very special video message from the families of Panther Fallen Comrades Chairman Fred Hampton & Captain Mark Clark
  Saturday, December 5th  @ 7pm
"All Power To The People: The Black Panther Party & Beyond"  (Color, 115 minutes)
This film by original Panther Lee Lew Lee examines the recent civil & human rights activist history of the radical left inside of the U.S.; with a special emphasis on the U.S. Goverments racist and illegal COINTELPRO attacks on the Black/Latino/Native American community in general, and the Black Panther Party in particular.
(Original Black Panther Panelist' TBA)
  Thursday, December 10th  @ 7pm
"Passin It On: The Black Panthers Search For Justice"  (Color, 102 minutes)
The story of Panther leader Dhoruba Bin Wahad and the governments attack on the New York State Chapter of the Black Panther Party. This film highlights Dhoruba's involvement as a defendant in the N.Y. Panther 21 Conspiracy Trial and; the illegal FBI-NYPD's COINTELPRO frameup of Dhoruba which ultimately led to his unjustly serving over 19 years as a Panther/BLA Political Prisoner. The film screening will be immediately followed by a Panel Discussion/Q & A session with Original Black Panther: Dhoruba Bin Wahad and Activist Attorney Robert Boyle 
(Additional Black Panther Panelist' & Activist Attorneys TBA) 
Heroes, "THE YOUNG LORDS" Friday, December 11th  @ 7pm
"Palante Siempre Palante: The Young Lords Party"  (Color, 48 minutes)
This award winning film by former Young Lords Party member Iris Morales, highlights the history of the revolutionary organization from its origins in Chicago & East Harlem through its expansion into Puerto Rico and; its ultimate destruction by the FBI's illegal COINTELPRO actions. The film screening will be immediately followed by a Panel Discussion/Q & A with Original Young Lords: Iris Morales, Carlito Rovira & Martha Aguello. 
(Additional Young Lords Panelist TBA)
  Saturday, December 12th
"The 40th Anniversary Reunion & Tribute To The NY Panther 21"
Press/Media Interviews
Live Music & Cultural Performances
Panther/Lords Photo, Art & Memorabilia Exibit
Premiere Of NY Panther 21 Film
Harlem Tribute To The Panther 21
Panther 21 After Party & Open Mic
(Note: This ALL DAY Program Being Held Throughout Harlem Is In The Last Stages Of Development)
Co-Sponsored By:  The East Coast Black Panther Party Commemoration Committee, Women Of Color Productions, The Safiya Bukhari-Albert Nuh Washington Foundation/Field Up Productions, The New Black Panther Party, The Universal Zulu Nation, The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, The Black Student Union At City College & The Guillermo Morales-Assata Shakur Center.