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For Immediate Release: Black History: Then and Now
A show by Roz Payne of her collection of photos, films, video, newspapers, posters, and artifacts on the Black Panther Party and the 60's in celebration of Black History Month.

Burlington College Community Gallery, January 19 - February 11, 2010.
Special presentation and lecture by Roz Payne, Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 6:15 - 8:00 pm.
Artist reception, Wednesday, February 10, 8:00 - 9:00 pm.

Roz Payne
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A show by Roz Payne of her collection of photos, films,
video, newspapers, posters, and artifacts on the
Black Panther Party
and the 60's in celebration of Black History Month.
Burlington College Community Gallery, January 19 - February 11, 2010.


Wednesday  |  February 10, 2010  |  6:15 - 8 pm
Followed by 


In celebration of Black History Month, Burlington College presents Black History: Then and Now, an exhibit of the work of activist/photographer/filmmaker/human rights advocate Roz Payne. The show will feature Roz's photographs and memorabilia from her days at Newsreel, the group of independent filmmakers, photographers, and media workers she founded in 1967 - one year before the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. - in a basement on the lower eastside, New York. Newsreel members shared their resources, skills, and equipment as a collective to produce films relevant to the socio-political climate of the times. These individuals documented demonstrations and acts of resistance, and came away with film footage and photos rarely seen on broadcast news. Payne's documentary What We Want, What We Believe: The Black Panther Party, is a product of this initiative. The show will feature many of the images Roz captured through her association with the Black Panthers.

On February 10, 2010, 6:15 p.m., Burlington College's Institute for Civic Engagement will feature a special film presentation and lecture by Roz on the Black Panthers' history and legacy. The lecture will be followed by a reception in the Community Gallery at 8 p.m.

About Roz Payne: Roz Payne has an up-close-and-personal association with historical moments as they occurred in the United States. She is a skillful archivist; an avid community activist and advocate for human rights; a grass roots organizer; and a proficient researcher of social movements, specifically that of the civil rights movement and the leaders therein. Her expertise on social movements has garnered her consultancies on documentaries such as Eyes on the Prize, Making the Sixties, and the Hollywood production of the film Panther (directed by Mario van Peebles, 1996). Payne is a fearless filmmaker who has placed herself in the trenches of events. Newsreel's early film Columbia Revolt (1968) documents the takeover by students of five buildings at Columbia University in New York. Using the camera as a weapon and shooting from the inside while the rest of the press shot from the outside, Newsreel participated in the political negotiations and discussions. Roz Payne worked with the lawyers who uncovered documents that eventually led to the release of former Black Panther Richard "Dhruba" Moore. She has interviewed numerous people who had a personal "relationship" with the 60s. For example, she interviewed Donald Cox, former Black Panther in exile in France, and the former FBI agents who wrote reports on the Black Panthers to J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI (1924-1972).

Roz's 12 hour big box set DVD What We Want, What We Believe: Black Panther Party Library was chosen by Entertainment Weekly for three weeks in a row as the best DVD of the year, beating out Flavor Flav. Roz has lectured and shown her material in theaters across the USA and internationally, including the Tupac Center in Atlanta, Georgia, the Black Film Festival in Lawrence, Kansas, the Lincoln Center Film Festival in New York City, and at most of the Black Panther Party reunions. She has remained friends with many Black Panthers for more than forty years.

For the past 20 years, Roz has taught History of the Sixties, History of Women in North America, The Unfinished American Revolution with Sandy Baird, and mycology classes at Burlington College. She is the mother of Sierra and grandmother of Delia.

Show information: Gallery show: January 19 to February 11, 2010.
Gallery hours vary from week to week, so please call Burlington College for details. 862-9616. Special lecture and film presentation by Roz Payne on February 10, 6:15 - 8 p.m., followed by a reception.

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Roz Payne
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