Something very seriously wrong on the first week of July 2008. The Riverside Police has been harassing a Panther family for the past few years then finally murdered one of them, a 25 year old, Brandon, shot in the back and then in the head.

The family is grieving and need a voice: Riverside Police has committed so many crimes in the community and getting away with it, such as prior
Teisha Miller Riverside PD MURDER.

Brandon's murder by the Riverside PD is under silence.
The family wants this heinous Riverside PD crime to be out in the media and for an independent jurisdiction to do a full investigation.

Currently, the family is being relocated to protect its members' and prevent Riverside PD from retaliating & murdering  more family members;

there is a witness and we gravely fear for her life..

This Panther family is not "New Alliance" but original Panther party; helping drug addicts, the poor, etc, which the city destroys by shutting them down, taking all their monies, fraudulent charges, alleged tax evasion, and the recent murder of Brandon.

Please spread the word to expose Brandon's Murder in the media and demand an independent investigation,
and forward the Link to Justice4Brandon above to all your comrades

Please sign the petition & Forward the Link:

IF you would like to get involved, contact Kima @ 951-801-9527.