Dear Denton,
Today, Social Security turns 76 years old! For over three-quarters of a century, Social Security has remained a promise of economic protection and stability for the Americans who have paid into this program. Social Security is America's most successful social insurance program and remains the most fiscally responsible part of our federal budget. Yet, it still remains a primary target for budget cuts. With the appointments of the 12 member “Super Congress” charged with reducing the federal deficit by at least $1.5 trillion over the next ten years, Social Security and other vital safety net programs are in clear and present danger and are at risks of imminent cuts. So we must continue fighting to ensure that Social Security is not weakened.
To honor the 76th anniversary of Social Security and in the spirit of our Gray Panthers’ legacy, we are launching our Fight Truth Decay Social Security Media Watch!
Our founder, Maggie Kuhn, said we need to be “watchdogs” that bark when danger is near. Gray Panther media watchdogs are needed to report and challenge lies about Social Security they observe in news media.
In order to Fight Truth Decay, first you have to know the facts! Click here to see our resource about some of the common lies and misconceptions often spread about Social Security. Once you are armed with the truth, here are the simple actions you can take to help Fight Truth Decay through our Social Security Media Watch:

1. Become familiar with the truth and facts about Social Security. That way, as soon as your hear a lie or falsehood about the program, you will be ready and able to fight back with the truth.

2. Recruit and orient other activists to become Social Security Media Watchdogs.

3. Pay close attention to the multiple media sources (i.e., website, blog, Facebook, video, etc). When you hear a lie about Social Security, document your observation (who, what and when).

4. Contact media source and demand that corrections be made! You can do this calling, writing a letter, submitting an op-ed, or even visiting the office of the media source.

5. After you have taken action, please report the lies you catch and your response to us here or send us an email at Watchdog reports will be posted on our website.

We are counting on you to help us Fight Truth Decay by challenging news media to make corrections and report the truth about Social Security! Social Security is facing perhaps the greatest threat in its history, and we need you to join us in our effort to dispel the Right Wing's myths and lies about the program. We believe that getting the truth out about Social Security will help galvanize public support to strengthen, not weaken it.

Keep Growling,

National Gray Panthers

Gray Panthers appreciates your support in working towards our vision of social and economic justice for ALL people.



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