Stop the "Shoot First" Law in Georgia

In October, Florida became a very dangerous place, and if the National Rifle Association (NRA) gets its way, Georgia will be next.

On October 1, the Shoot First Law went into effect in Florida, giving the people of Florida permission to use deadly force as a FIRST resort, even in a public place. The law grants sweeping criminal and civil immunity to anyone who pulls the trigger when they feel "threatened" -- and specifically denies legal recourse to innocent bystanders killed or wounded in the crossfire, even if the shooter acted negligently.

Click here to tell Governor Perdue that "Shoot First" is a horrible policy idea for Georgia:

But the Shoot First doctrine isn't just staying in Florida -- the NRA has made no bones about the fact that it plans to export Shoot First legislation to all 50 states in 2006. This is about to become a national disgrace, and will take us back to the days of the Wild West -- unless you get involved.

Our partners at Working Assets have put together an easy way for you to tell your Governor to "Keep Shoot First out of our state" -- and we encourage you to click the link below to get this important message to Governor Perdue.

Click here to take action with the Brady Campaign and keep "Shoot First" from becoming law in Georgia:

Thanks in advance for taking a proactive stand to stop the spread of this dangerous legislation. Together, we can make sure this law doesn't come to Georgia next.


Rebecca Young,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite team