In honor of Fred Hampton Sr.

In honor of Fred Hampton Sr.

In honor of Fred Hampton Sr. we have an obligation to fly our flags (The Red Black and Green) at half mass today.

You see while others may not even remember his name we in the world of knowing must not only remember but we must in fact go out and proclaim to the world that Chairman Fred Hampton is not dead! As long as we can remember his name and we have energy in our bodies we must remember the ones that fought for us ...and we must share the tales of thier activities with our children.

We must not be so weak that we are fearful of making our children sick with the negative tales. We must let them know the history of those that came before them.

If you do not know the story of Fred Hampton then look at the links that are provided here so that you will not be ignorant of the history of our people. Listen to the voice of Fred Hampton and the passion with which he speaks and remember that at the time of his assasination he was only 21 years old.

Some of us are 4 times his age and still have not done what he did in his few years on this earth.

For those that do not know, we are at war and Brother Fred was a targeted victim of the enemy...the state.

We in The School Of African Philosophy will honor the Black Vets of every campagin for our Kwanzaa celebration this year, from the Slave Revolts to The Civil War to the war in Iraq not because we are blind and we agree with the actions(which we do in some cases) but know that we must honor our fighting men and we must raise up our own army for liberation.

We also understand that we must expand the definition of what a vetran is so that it includes those that fought our own "Dirty Little War" right here at home. The ones that fought against the oppression of the state...Those from the Garvey Movement to the Civil Rights Movement...Those in the Black Power Movement and the Black Liberation Army to the Political Prisoners that are in prison in America today .

You will find the posting for the Kwanzaa celebration in Paterson NJ in addition to the postings on Fredd Hampton. If you are going to church today when they ask you to testify stand up and remember Fred Hampton...whereever you go today and the rest of the week remind people of what took place on December 4th 1969 in the good old USA.

Kamau Jah Jah Khalfani

Primeminister Of Information

The School Of African Philosophy