Message from Sister Charlotte

Hello Brother Billy and Sister Gail,

I hope that all is well.

I see, youíve been working hard as usual! The updates on the website look great! You donít play about getting the news out in a timely fashion. Very inspiring. Iíve vowed to get updates on our site as soon as possible and have already begun.

Do you know if the article in (was it a San Francisco newspaper?) ever came out?

We had a blast at the Panther gathering in Brooklyn. I even called Brother Pete (woke him out of a sound sleep!) so that he could get a taste of the joy of the evening! Hope somebody will send photos to put on the website too.

I look forward to attending the reunion and representing Brother Pete and the KC Chapter.

Iíve been home three days and itís taken this long to get myself together and back into the swing of things here at home. I will begin working on Tee Shirt designs, etc. in the next couple of weeks per your advice (and Brother Bullwhipís too) Brother Pete really liked the tee shirts and other gifts. I gave Brother Gaidi his too.

We look forward to you and Sister Gailís visit here and will do our best to reciprocate the hospitality and comradeship and just plain olí family vibes that you all showed to me and through me, to Brother Pete, during my visit to your home.

We really appreciate that more than yíall know.

Please greet all our comrades.
Letís stay in touch.

Also please note the message of gratitude from Brother Pete and me as an attachment.

Enjoy your day in peace, love and light,

Sister Charlotte

PS... would you please send Brother Emoryís email address