A Message from Leonard Peltier
To: Leonard Peltier Supporters

From: Leonard Peltier and Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee kindly requests that you please
forward this announcement in its entirety, please do not modify, edit, remove
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Toni Zeidan-Co-director LPDC

A Message from Leonard Peltier:

Greetings My Relatives,

You know I was just thinking there should be a degree one could receive for
having expertise on doing prison time. I think I would be called Professor
Peltier, PhD. with 30 years tenure. A friend of mine said once, PhD where he
is from stands for post hole digger. I think I would at this time, embrace
being a post hole digger, although I don't relish the thought of fencing
anything in after being fenced in myself for 30 + years.

On being imprisoned, I want to touch on that subject a bit. There are some
who have voiced their opinion in one way or another, that I should give up
after all these years of trying to win my freedom. Aside from the oppressors
who put me here, some of them are people who were at times, part of the
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee; others, on the fringes. My answer, to put
it in a simple, colloquial phrase, that anyone can understand, .it ain't
gonna happen! There are many reasons, both physical and mental, spiritual
and social. The number one reason is that there aren't any women in here.
That should cover the social. Eh!

Another reason, is that the struggle is not just about me. It's about life
on earth, the struggle to survive, the onslaught of destructive technology,
wealth mongering, by those who see the common man as nothing more than
expendable beings to further their personal quest for power and affluence. I
am here because, as a common man, along with other common men, I chose to
try to stop the exploitation of my people. I know the Creator sent other
common men at other times and other places and to other races to do the
same. I am honored to be among common men. I know they tried to cause us to
separate from alliances by color, religion, and geographic locale but our
struggle is the same. It's against people taking more than they need. In my
culture it is taught that you should not take more than you need. In
Christianity, Buddhism, and Zen, as well as most other spiritual teachings,
it is taught that gluttony is a sin. Violation of this teaching is the
reason for global warming, and the reason for world wars, including the war
in Iraq at this time.

Because of people who always seek to take more than they need, my people
have suffered greatly. They are the poorest of the poor yet most still cling
to the original teachings. They have fought for several generations for the
exploitation of our land, illegal occupation of our land, unjust treatment
in the U.S. judicial system, and most of all, government lies and liars that
have led the American people to believe all this exploitation and violation
of treaties is in their best interest. I watch TV from time to time, and I
notice there are those who try to make the wars like a war between
religions. I tell you my relatives, it is only a ruse to get young men to
die for those who crave wealth and power over the common man.

If the many denominations of religions would stand together as one against
the violation that jeopardizes life itself, it would make a major difference
throughout the world. Today, more than any other time in history, you are
either part of the problem or part of the solution. I may, by now, have
written more than you care to read. But, from where I sit myself, it's the
best I can do. The Defense Committee that bears my name struggles to help
enlighten people of events and needs of people in jeopardy. I don't use the
word struggle lightly. Aside from trying to raise money for attorneys and
office expenses, etc., we raise money for food and clothing for needy people
on reservations in urban areas. In my world, the poor are common. I am
honored to be one of them, to represent them from time to time, though it be
from afar. We as Native People look to the Creator's greatest manifestation
for teachings, Mother Earth and her system of nature, along with personal
visions, from time to time. In that, we see grass though encased in
concrete, pushing its way through the cracks. We see the trees and water
break down the structures of man that imprison them. We see everywhere, all
life trying to follow the original instruction given by the Creator. If I
were a blade of grass, I would grow out of here. If I were water, I would
flow away from here. If I were a ray of light, I would bounce off these
walls and be gone. However, I am not and unless I, at some future time,
receive my freedom that was unjustly taken in the same manner as was the
freedom of so many Native People before me. I can only leave here through my
paintings, written words, and some other forms of communication that are
sometimes available. I am in my 60's now. If I end up spending all my days
here, and my last breath rides on the wind, and the moisture of my body
flows to the sea, and the elements of my being make the grass grow and the
trees flourish, make no mistake they can kill my body but they can't kill
me. I am a common man.

The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee will continue working on my behalf and
towards my freedom unless you the supporters tell me to close down the
Defense Committee. Having said all this, I wish to ask you, if you can in
any way help us, meaning the Defense Committee, send any donation to :

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
3800 N. Mesa
El Paso, Texas 79902

Pease do so, it is a common cause. If my case stands as it is, no common
person has real freedom. Only the illusion until you have something the
oppressors want. Back to being a post hole digger.. I'd rather be a free
post hole digger than Professor Leonard Peltier, PhD.

May the Creator bless you with all you need.
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, who never gave up
All my relations,

Leonard Peltier

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