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November 2008


Critical Resistance 10

Irma P. Hall

Producer Dawn McGhee was invited to attend this year's Critical Resistance 10 on September 26 -28, 2008 in Oakland, CA.



Ms. McGhee spoke on the Legality verses Morality - Prison is an extension of slavery panel.  


Our voyage to Critical Resistance 10 were made possible by the support and financial contribution of the National Coalition to Free the Angola 3/Community Futures Collective.


We are very thankful and grateful to Robert King, Marina Drummer, Gail Shaw, and Brackin Camp for their support during our fundraising events.


Pictured are Robert King and Marina Drummer.


Yuri Kochiyama


Yuri Kochiyama and Malcolm X were born on May 19th. She is our hero and mentor and we love her dearly.

Yuri is more than a human rights activist. She is more than the mother of civil humanity. She is our dear friend. She is the dear friend of Sundiata Acoli. She is the dear friend of Assata Shakur. She is the dear friend of the team of Field Up Productions.

Yuri grew up during hard times. By 1960, she lived in Harlem with her husband and was the dear friend of Malcolm X and saw him die in her arms. She fought for the Puerto Rican liberation movement and continues to dedicate her precious life to the rights of political prisoners. And in the 21st century, mother Yuri was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

We love our Yuri.


We welcome mother Yuri aboard this film venture in an effort to free all political prisoners.


Big Man


Elbert "Big Man" Howard is one of the original six members of the Black Panther Party, served as the Party's deputy minister of information and as a member of the International Solidarity Committee. He was the founding editor of the Party's newspaper, the Black Panther Party Community News Service. His website is


Big Man stopped by our table to show his support for our film project.

OG picture of Big Man


BPP 42 Atlanta, GA

Black Panther Reunion 42 - Atlanta, GA. A very special thanks to AliBey Hassan for hosting me during my stay for the wonder event. Pictured are BJ, Dawn and AliBey.



BPP 42 Atlanta, GA

Dr. Charles Jones, Professor, Georgia State University will provide critical analysis in the films, A Power Sun and Wrack 21. He was very interesting and most helpful to me. His office is full of reading material that kept my spirits high. Field Up Productions is very honored to have him aboard. Pictured are Dr. Jones, Dawn & BJ.



BPP 42  Atlanta, GA

Dr. Akinyele Umoja graced this film with scholastic and professional insight on the Liberation Movement. Umoja will be seen in APS and Wrack 21. We would like to thank Dr. Umoja for blessing this film with his knowledge, energy and spirit.



BPP 42 Atlanta, GA

Bilal Sunni Ali - former political prisoner and current artist and activist, poses with Dawn. He will bless the film with and in-depth/hands-on knowledge of being a political prisoner in the US and being hunted by the COINTELPRO agents.

Pictured above is a true NY freedom fighter during the Liberation Movement. I'm honored to introduce Mark Holder. 


We've begun production for A Power Sun! We're very excited about the film. Each day, Field Up Productions receive emails about the film's release date. Although production won't be finished until 2009, we want our readers and supporters to enjoy the steps and milestones, up to the moments of ---

 Our story,

 Our victory!


Sundiata Acoli and the entire Field Up Team wish to thank each person and/or company for your support.


The Team


The Presidential Candidate

 On Board! 



2008 Green Party Presidential Nominee and former Georgia US Represen
ative, Cynthia McKinney has come on board.


Ms. McKinney is the first African American woman to have represented Georgia in the House. A warrior for the oppressed, McKinney was targeted to be controversial for her political beliefs, which brought to the forefront many lies and sub-truths circulating around Washington. Upon being re-elected to the House, she advocated unsealing records pertaining to many civil and human rights activists and an investigation into the murder of Tupac Shakur and continued to criticize the Bush Administration over the 9/11 attacks. She supported anti-war legislation and introduced articles of impeachment against Bush, Cheney and Condi Rice.


We welcome Madam McKinney to our film project.

Cynthia and Dawn finished part 1 of her interview segment. They will complete her entire segment before the year end.



Ex-Political Prisoner Embrace Our Film Project


OmarNRita Ida Luz




one of the 11 Puerto Rican former political prisoners granted clemency by President Clinton in September 1999. Lucy was born in Las Marias, Puerto Rico on July 7, 1950. When she was barely two years old, her family moved to Chicago. She studied at Northeastern Illinois University, majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She was recognized for her outstanding work at the Rafael Cancel Miranda Puerto Rican High School, today known as the Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School, and the Committee to Free the Five Puerto Rican Nationalists. In 1976, along with her compañero Oscar López-Rivera, she went underground and was captured along with other comrades, on April 4, 1980. She received an 80-year sentence for seditious conspiracy and other charges, after already serving an 8-year state sentence. While incarcerated at the federal women's prison in Dublin, California, Lucy participated in the production of a video which tells the story of part of her life and the lives of her compañeras in struggle. Throughout her capture, trial and incarceration, she has maintained her position as an anti-colonial prisoner of war (POW) resisting the illegal U.S. occupation of her homeland. Dawn McGhee, had the honor of meeting her. Lucy expressed her joy for Sundiata Acoli and his film. 


Afeni Shakur's Son In Law



Greg Jackson, Afeni Shakur's son in law, joined our videographer's team. Like his mother in law, Greg was the consumate gentleman and professional. He learned alot about Afeni, as well as, the other members of the New York Chapter of the Black Panther Party. Field Up Productions welcomes his energy and are grateful to the Shakur Family for their assistance during the BPP 42 Reunion.



M1 of Dead Prez as Sundiata! 



M1 of the nationally known rap group, Dead Prez has signed on to perform the role of Sundiata Acoli. What a task ahead of him! The audience will see M1 as the character, "Sun".


Sun will take the audience on an expedition of Acoli's childhood to his current prison struggles. 



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Upcoming Events


10/24/08, Day 2 Production, Dallas, TX (Cancelled)

11/27/08, Trailer Premier, NYC, NY (Cancelled)

November 2008 - Interviews of comrades

December 2008 - Small Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting A Power Sun and Wrack 21. You are extremely valuable to the making of this project. 



Dawn McGhee
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