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Apartheid Radio: A Look at the Current State of KPFA

KPFA Radio Station over the last 60 years has been seen as the voice of progressive people and activist in the northern California. Until recently, most listeners and supporters were not aware of the right-wing internal politics that govern the airwaves of this “bastation of free speech”.

Many have never thought about the fact that there is no Black public affairs show that caters to the local and domestic politics of the Black community on the airwaves. Although there are 2 million people in prison and 4 million tied to it in some way, KPFA does not have a show dedicated to prisoners and prisoners issues. KPFA does not have a show dealing with immigration, although we are in California which is one of the biggest immigrant populated states. KPFA also does not have a show dealing with labor in this country. And these are just a small sample of the communities that are not represented. This is apartheid radio in 2009.

Come hear live testimony from

Nadra Foster - a long-time volunteer broadcaster at KPFA whom members of management called the police on, and had her beat up and arrested on false charges of trespassing, in August of 2008, at the radio station.

Miguel Gavilan Molina - the producer of KPFA's “La Onda Bajita” and “FlashPoints in Espanol”. He has been working at KPFA for over 2 decades.

The Minister of Information JR –
the producer of “Block Report Radio” and a producer with “Flash Points”, “Transitions on Tradition”, and “Side Show Radio” on KPFA. M.O.I. JR was instrumental in exposing what management and the Berkeley police did to Nadra Foster last year at KPFA.

The event will take place Sun. June 14th at 3pm
at the Black Dot Cafe – 1195 Pine St. in West Oakland.

This is a fundraiser to replaces M.O.I. JR's camera which the police stole, when he was arrested on bogus charges, and have had in their  possession since Jan. 7th, the first day of the Oakland Rebellion in response to Oscar Grant. All other money will go to help with his legal expenses.

The Minister of Information JR
POCC Block Report Radio