Hi all: I can't believe Stew's been gone for five years, but it's true. This Sunday, January 30, 2011 is the 5th anniversary of his passing.

You may recall Stew wrote a lot of political poems. He also wrote family poems to Jessica and me. Iíd cry every time he'd give me one. To commemorate his life, I put these never before published poems up on my website. My selection criteria for what I included was that the poem still made me tear up. Here's the link . http://yippiegirl.com/love-poems-of-stew-albert.html  Feel free to use or publish if you like, just please credit Stew. You can comment on my webpage or at Yippie Girl on Facebook if you like.

Here's the really weird thing : David (my wonderful current husband)'s birthday is January 30, the same day Stew died.

Judy Gumbo Albert



Judy Gumbo Albert is completing Yippie Girl, an insiderís memoir of love and friendship among the Yippies and other romantic revolutionaries of the late 1960s.  Contact Judy at Yippie Girl on Facebook or at her website: www.yippiegirl.com