As Scheduled:    

The 1st planning meeting for the September 2009 "40th Anniversary & Reunion Of The NY Panther 21 & The NYC Young Lords Party"; Took place in Harlem, New York City on Saturday, April 18th @ The Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community & Student Center.


If you were not present for the meeting please review the following and respond with your comments, suggestions and committed area(s) of assistance.  Particularly in the area of recognition of the Panther 21 & YLP fallen comrades.


The 2nd Bimonthly Planning meeting will take place on Saturday, June 20th so "please save the date"


Minutes & Notes From The 1st Meeting Agenda & Purpose: "To Identify Our Resources & Propose What The Anniversary Will Look Like"


1. Develop A Concrete Action Plan To Identify & Secure All Of The Space Venues; For The Anniversary. 


It was agreed that we collectively have more than enough time & resources to contact folks, communicate with each other and secure the needed spaces for a week long 40th Anniversary Commemoration/Celebration in September.  It was also agreed that easily accessible transportation should be a priority in the final space decisions. 


2. Identify Resources, Days & Possible Locations For A Week Long "Panther & Lords Film Festival" 


- It was agreed that we collectively have more than enough material to put together a week long schedule of film screenings.


- The following venues were identified for a proposed "week long" film festival


a) Harlem State Office Building

b) Schomberg Library & Research Center

c) Columbia University

d) City College


3. Identify Resources, Days & Possible Locations For A "Historical Panther & Lords Photo, Art & Archival Memorabilia Exhibition" 


- It was agreed that we would follow both Cha Cha & Bullwhips earlier suggestions to concentrate primarily on putting together "our own local exhibit" and; to include the more nationally oriented and University of North Carolina housed "In Black & Brown: Panther/Lords Exhibit" only if and when the shipping/insurance funds should become available. 


- The following locations were identified for the proposed "week long" exhibit 


a) The BMCC Gallery In Lower Manhattan

b) The Harlem State Office Building Gallery

c) The Studio Museum Of Harlem 

d) The Hostos College Gallery In The Bronx

e) The Hunter College Gallery In Manhattan

f)  The Sung Kwan Ma Gallery In Harlem

g) The Brecht Forum Gallery In Manhattan


4. Identify Comrades, Resources & Possible Locations On Two Different Days; For Both A Brooklyn And Harlem Held "Original Panther & Lords Panel Discussion"  


- The following contact people/locations were identified:


a) National Black Theater Of Harlem- (Bro. Shep)

b) Salem Church In Harlem- (Mutulu & Mumia Campaigns)

c) City College/Harlem Campus- (Bro. Shep)

d) Columbia University/Harlem Campus- (Bro. Jamal Joseph)

e) Medgar Evers College/Brooklyn- (Bro. Miles/Sista's S. Bandele & J. Gibbs)

f) Iberia Dempsey Center In Harlem- (Bro. Ashanti)



5. Identify Resources & Possible Location For "A PP/POW Fundraising Panther/Lords 40th Anniversary Gala Reunion & Dinner"  


- The following contact people/locations were identified:


a) Sis. Cleo @ Minton's Playhouse In Harlem

b) Bro's. Panama/B.J./Garvey @ The 1199 MLK Jr. Labor Center In Mid-Town


6. Review & Update Our Comrade Contact List  


- It was agreed that Shep, Cleo, Smitty and Bullwhip would work with everyone on locating comrades and then compiling a "master contact list and 40th anniversary communication system" for members and/or families of the New York/New Jersey Area Black Panther Party & Young Lords Party veterans in general and; the Panther 21 survivors in particular.



Our Legacy Lives On!

Bro. Shep