Kia Ora Comrade BIlly


Thank you for the reply, we are busy down here, we have just had Lex Wotton an aboriginal activist been sent to jail for an alleged part in a riot in Palm Island, that stopped the cover up of (another) black death in custody. 


more info about Lex here:  this has provided imputes for a whole new (and the return of some old faces) to Indigenous activism, that will grow. Im keen to rebuild the grassroots links between Aboriginal, Maori & Pacific Islanders who re agitating for political change. Sick of how the white left here seem to control and then marginalise others peoples struggles we will be setting up and anti racism coalition, and give support and take political  issues back into the communities can empower each other as we struggle for change, check out this recent report about police racism against African youth in melbourne:


The pressure is on the Pacific to cave in on the EU's EPA, much of the same pressure is directed at African countries as well. Oppression is intensifying down  here, most hard out activists on both sides of the dtich are fighting against crilminilisation, our Maori 'leadership' has gone into govt with the NZ version of the Tories, who are set to beef up their law and order bullshit a and bulid more prisons to put our people into.  I hold fast to H Rap browns words that we are not outnumbered, we are out-organised. 


The best way for you brother to keep up to date with the whats going on down here would be


ma blog




I would be keen to send an Indigenous delegation to Tanzania from this part of the world.


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In Struggle & Solidarity