Comrades, fellow activist, n friends; Comrade Marc Smith aka Smitty

is now resting with the ancestors, he made his transition on Sat 6/19/10

It was his wishes that his remains be turned into ashes.



 The Memorial Celebration of his Life 


Will take place on July 25, 2010@ The Brecht Forum from 5pm - 8pm 

 451 West street  New York, NY 10014-2041 (212) 242-4201

His widow n family will be in attendance>>To be added to program contact Brother Bullwhip or myself. Remarks should be limited to 3 mins due to time constraints



We are also requesting folks bring food, fish, chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, pasta dishes, salads or Vegan.(no pork) or beverages{ diet and regular sodas, juices, or water, n desserts, n or cash donations.

Checks or money orders made out to Jennifer Y Sutton.


Note; We must know by July 20, 2010 what folks r bringing so that we can make a list

and get the chaffing pans and sternos>>Regarding food contact Cleo.