Hugo Pinell's Board Hearing, November 15. Please act now!

Hugo Pinell's Board Hearing, November 15. Please act now!

Greetings All:

Hugo Pinell (Yogi Bear) is scheduled to go before the Parole Board November 15, 2006. (For more information, you may go to

Please write a letter ASAP to the Parole Commissioners (and encourage others to do the same) urging them to grant Hugo parole. Enough is enough! Forty- two years is way too long for anyone to have to spend locked in a cage nearly 24/7. It's high time we got one of our strongest comrades out of that monster control unit, Pelican Bay, known as supermax, where Yogi has been locked in solitary for the last 16 years -- a total of 34 years of isolation in other maximum-security prisons in California. He has no-contact visits (only on weekends or holidays), no phone calls, no natural light, no windows. Yet he's been clean (no write-ups) for 24 years!

If possible, please include specific offers of support for Hugo's reentry into society, such as job training, temporary or permanent employment. Hugo is fluent in English and Spanish, a big plus here in California. He is very personable, intelligent, athletic, and is in exceptionally good physical condition for his age (61). Highly disciplined, Hugo is a vegetarian and continues to work out regularly. He would be an excellent mentor for at-risk youth.

If a job offer is not possible, you might describe other ways you could be supportive of Hugo upon release.

Also, please mention your relationship to Hugo, how long you have known him or about him, what impact he has had on your life, and any other positive comments you might have. Be sure to Include the following:


Dear Parole Commissioners:

Re: Hugo L. A. Pinell (A88401)

Send the letter to:

Gordon Kaupp, Esq.
Law Office of Dennis Cunningham
115 1/2 Bartlett Street
San Francisco, CA. 94110

Thank you very much.
-- Kiilu