Carl Franklin

hi Billy,

I just read the open letter from carl franklin about the Bobby Seale letter to the BPP cadre. I thought it interesting that mr.franklin would be so confident in his association with Elane Brown's book A Taste of Power give that books "tell all" sensationalistic approach. The fact that mr.franklin values such a book in relation to HBO shows like Band of Brothers is puzzling since that series was a romanticized version of "war."

Its clear that the Black Panther story if made by mr. Franklin will only reveal a sensationalistic image of gun toating, sex driven, cocaine using, power seeking Panthers. Which is everything but the truth.

Film maker St. Clair Bourne has proven himself to be very clear about his intentions in what he has produced in the past and what perspective he tends to give. He doesn't need to tell a story about how far he lived from Heuy P. Newton or Bobby Seale in order to validate his intentions. Or how many connections he has or films under his belt to to do this project.

A fictionalized film of the Panthers can only be harmful if made by corporate money because there really are so many investors whose interestes are beyond the sky's limit.

anyway, my two cents on that letter....sorry to rant about it but I couln't sit and not reply about it.

william cordova