Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Bro. BJ, Bro. Smitty & Sistah Cleo: who were there from the very first meetings in March 2009, when so many others thought it could not or need not be done. Your true revolutionary commitment and uncompromising support throughout, is what really made both The 40th Anniversary Panthers & Lords Film Festival and; "The 40th Anniversary Reunion & Tribute For The NY Panther 21" become a reality.  Without the three of you standing with me throughout the past (9) months on each and every aspect Of this successful project; "Ourstory" would not have been told.


Bro. Afrika Bambaataa, Bro. Yoda, Sen-One, Dr. Shaka Zulu, Uncle Ces, Bro. Maliki, Bro. Ernie P., DFylthee, GQ, Pop Fabel, Christie & The Universal Zulu Nation:  who collectively provided transportation, video documentation, photography, DJ music, radio/electronic promotions, newspaper coverage and security throughout the entire (2) weeks of the Panther & Lords Film Festival and Tribute/Reception/After Party for The NY Panther 21.


Young Lords Party and/or Black Panther Party Veterans; Miguel "Mickey" Melendez, Felipe Luciano, David Jacob, Martha Aguello, Iris Morales, Denise Oliver, Cleo Silvers, Jamal Joseph, Shaba Om, Ali-Bey Hassan, Dhoruba Bin Wahad, Cyril "Bullwhip Innis" & James "Tarik" Haskins: for participating in the (2) weeks of "Panthers & Lords: In Unity & Struggle" film screenings and panel discussions that were held at the Harlem Maysles Cinema.  And; to Veteran Lords Panama Alba for spreading the word & Cha Cha Jimenez for supporting this project from the very beginning.


Bro's  Billy X & The Its About Time BPP Alumni Association and Bro. Bullwhip & The East Coast Black Panther Party Commemoration Committee: for providing all of the Black Panther Party archival graphics and photographs that were utilized for the event promotions, display and Commemorative Journal.


To Panther Exiles In Afrika; Pete O'neal, Charlotte O'neal & Michael "Cetewayo" Tabor:  for finding both the time and the way to get your statements on this side of the Atlantic to be shared by us all.


King Downing, Liz Fink, Robert Boyle, Sis. Sala & Bro. Tiyari:  for participating and bringing both a legal & youthful perspective to the panel discussions


Monifa Bandele, T.J. Whitaker, Sofia Gallisa & Miles Rijper:  for moderating the panel discussions and successfully keeping us Panthers & Lords from taking over the Q & A sessions.


Jessica, Philip & the Maysles Institute Staff and Family:  for providing housing for the out of town Panthers, providing the Cinema space, and most of all; for becoming true Comrades in the struggle by using "Culture As A Revolutionary Tool For Truth & Liberation Of Oppressed People"  It has been a pleasure to work with you and we are definitely looking forward to working on our next project together.


Sis. Jacqueline & Women of Color Productions:  for providing financial transportation support and; for bringing a fresh & new approach to "revolutionary street theater"  It takes a lot for non-Panthers & Lords to convince us that they can historically represent our struggle; but you never gave up and hopefully we can build together for future events.


Sis. Asantewaa & The Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Center:  for nearly (3) months of answering the phones, providing information and taking the messages for this event. 


Sis. Yasmine, Bro. Bullwhip & Cde. Ron Painter:  for steppin up to the plate with the "last minute-late night" layout work that was needed to make the NY Panther 21 Commemorative Journal get completed in time for the Tribute.


Sis. Yasmin Ramirez & The Center For Puerto Rican Studies @ Hunter College:  for providing the beautifully mounted Young Lords Party Posters which were displayed and appreciated by everyone throughout the (2) weeks of events.


Sis. Aliya & Sis. Yasmine:  for providing accurate and timely accounting/documentation of the Tribute event finances.


Bro. Dhoruba, Bro. Ali-Bey & Sistah Dawn McGhee:  for assisting me in the research which finally corrected the previously false recorded historical facts around the 1969 case of The NY Panther 21 Conspiracy Trial.


Bro. Shaka Shakur & Cde. Sally O'Brien : for steppin up to the plate to provide the necessary "emergency" technical/audiovisual assistance during the Panther 21 Tribute @ CCNY.


Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Sistah Kenya, Bro. Hank & The CCNY Black Studies Program:  for doing all of the "unseen" work that was needed to secure the space @ CCNY for the Panther 21 Tribute.


Bro. Dr. James McIntosh & CEMOTAP: for their continued financial support & organizing efforts to Political Prisoner/POW campaigns in general; and for The Safiya-Nuh Foundation in particular.  Many, Many hundreds of dollars have been raised through their organizing in support of our Captured Black Freedom Fighters & both Bro. James & CEMOTAP must be recognized for their efforts.


Bro. Herb Boyd:  who once again provided his journalist skills during the Panther 21 Tribute, with the latest installment of Straight Of Harlem: "Live With Heb Boyd & The NY Panther 21"


Sis. Dawn McGhee, Jamal Joseph & Lee Berry:  for working so hard & providing the resources during the last week; in order to put the Panther 21 ("Wrack 21") & Sundiata Acoli ("A Power Sun") preview film clips together in time for the NY Panther 21 Tribute.


Sistah's Joyce, Ndigo, Iris & Martha:  for helping to bring the ancestors to the Tribute during the opening drum call & libation ceremony; thereby removing any and all potential obstacles throughout the evening.


Sistah's Adrienne & Empress:  for changing their original plans and preparing food for the After Party instead of The Tribute.


Sis. Dequi & Bro. Squeeze:  for carrying on the legacy of the BPC and doing a most outstanding job in hosting the Tribute.  You both were able to smoothly

"Keep It Moving" throughout the entire evening.


Bro. Lalit & The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and Bro. Shaka & The NY New Black Panther Party:  for all of the "seen" & "unseen" support that your cadre provided both before and during the (2) week event.


Maroon Society:  for kickin it off and setting the tone for the Tribute with some real true skool "Revolutionary Hip Hop Flavor", although the little Brotha stole the show.


Impact:  for bringing down the house with an overall outstanding performance which was enjoyed by both young & old.  Youth do indeed make the revolution


Rebel Diaz:  for your patience with the lineup change and agreeing to close out this historic revolutionary Tribute exactly as it should have been done. 

By continuing the Young Lords & Panther legacy of Black/Latino Unity & Struggle through true skool Revolutionary Hip Hop Culture.


Finally! To All Of The Organizations & Individuals Who Contributed To The Journal, Participated In The Event Or Helped To Pass On The Word.



Thank You All & Always Know That Together There Is Absolutely Nothing That We Cannot Accomplish



All Power To The People                 


Free All Political Prisoners & POW's


Bro. Sadiki "Shep" Ojore Olugbala

Safiya Bukhari-Albert Nuh Washington Foundation