Subject: Fwd: Homegoing for Atlanta Sister Njeri

The Mama Njere Algahnee Memorial Fund has been set up by her family and are requesting that donations to assist with the homegoing and celebration of life ceremony be sent to Wachovia Bank Account 3000194920747, under Sekelajah Alghanee for Mama Njere. We must support the family during this untimely tragedy!

Njere a major activist from Atlanta in the NCOBRA/Reparations movement has passed away. 

She was in a car wreck...hit by a tractor trailer with her son who was driving and is hospitialized pending surgery. 

I think they were on their way back from Detriot when the accident occurred this morning.

Mama Njere's family has set an account in our Sista/Mama/Queen name at Wachovia.  PLEASE MAKE DONATIONS TO HELP INSURE THAT EVERYTHING IS TAKEN CARE OF FOR OUR MAMA AND HER FAMILY. The account number is 3000194920747.

Njeri had friends all over the U.S. and spread the word.  I will send more updates as soon as I am updated.  The full details has yet to be disclosed.