Low Cost Heating Oil Program

CITGO's Low Cost Heating Oil Program
From our hearts to your hearths

CITGO Petroleum Corporation is distributing heating oil at discounted prices this winter as part of an initiative aimed at helping poor communities in areas of the country most affected by cold winters.

The initial program was launched in communities in the Boston area and in the Bronx, in New York City.

The first phase of the program, in Boston, will offer up to 12 million gallons of heating oil with discounts from market prices. The value of these discounts is nearly $10 million at current market prices. This initiative has been made possible with the full support of CITGO's parent company, Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), the state oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

In New York, CITGO is providing up to 8 million gallons of discounted heating oil, which will mean savings in the millions of dollars.

In Maine, CITGO will provide 8 million gallons of heating oil at 40 percent discount to low -income families. This aid is also assisting homeless shelters and four Native American Tribes.

In Rhode Island, CITGO will provide 3.3 million gallons of discounted home heating oil to low-income families, homeless shelters and community clinics.

In Pennsylvania, CITGO is providing 5 million gallons of heating oil at 40 percent discount that will benefit as many as 25,000 low-income families in the Philadelphia region.

In Vermont, CITGO is providing 2.4 million gallons of Venezuelan oil to low-income Vermonters at a 40 percent discount, with an additional 108,000 gallons going to homeless shelters for free.

In Delaware, CITGO will distribute 1 million gallons of heating oil to low-income residents at a 40 percent discount; this will benefit about 5,000 low-income households in Delaware. Twenty homeless shelters will receive 150,000 gallons of free heating fuel.

"With this initiative, CITGO is showing its commitment to the U.S. marketplace and to communities where we have a presence," said CITGO President and CEO Félix Rodríguez. "As good corporate citizens, we are making an effort to help those in need." How to participate

If you would like more information about CITGO's low-cost heating oil programs, please contact one of the non-profit organizations listed below for your area:

Boston: contact Citizens Energy Corporation at 877-563-4645 or the Massachusetts Energy Consumer's Alliance at 617-524-3950.

The Bronx: To become a beneficiary, please email your name, telephone number and request to: You will be contacted by a representative of the program.

Delaware: Contact Citizens Energy Corporation at 877-563-4645.

Maine: Contact your local Community Action Program (CAP) agency:

ACAP - (207) 768-3053

CED - (207) 442-7963

CCI - (207) 743-7716

KVCAP - (207) 859-1500

PCAP - (207) 973-3630

PROP - (207) 874-1140

WCAP - (207) 338-6809

WHCA - (207) 664-2424

WMCA - (207) 645-3764

YCCAP - (207) 324-5762

Pennsylvania: Contact Citizens Energy Corporation at 877-563-4645.

Rhode Island: Contact Citizens Energy Corporation at 877-563-4645.

Vermont: Contact Citizens Energy Corporation at 877-563-4645.

Exploratory talks: CITGO is also holding exploratory talks in the state of Connecticut for a possible expansion of the program.