The United States Once Again After Africa

The United States Once Again After Africa

By Nestor Nuñez
AIN Special Service

Africa has once again assumed an essential role within the geopolitics of the imperialist power circles. The apparent revelation of oil in the Gulf of Guinea and other nations of the continent has renewed Washington's greed and moved it to take urgent control measures.

According to an announcement made by the Pentagon, specifically Roberto Gates, the so called US African Command will be fully operational in 2008. With the exception of Egypt, it places the whole zone under the under the single command of the United States. According to Gates, the essential tasks of this operational war entity will be to "increase the anti terrorist actions of those nations concerned, supporting the security forces of the continent and if necessary leading and conducting military actions in the area".

Washington insists that it deals with assisting the forgotten region and a way of cooperation with the governments, but in reality it is to place a military force to control Africa's energy resources recently under exploration. Many realize that the African oil could supply a quarter of the US imports with the advantage that Africa is geographically located closer to the US and in areas with less conflicts than the Middle East and Central Asia, at least for now. In fact, the establishment of a single command to operate in Africa responds to the insistence of military leaders and US energy companies operating in the region who are demanding an increased US military presence after the promising discovery of new and rich oil fields. In fact that is the major motivation for Washington. Washington does not care if Africa is the most impoverished continent on earth, that AIDS is destroying entire nations and drought and hunger are killing people.

Only the smell of oil and the possibility of earning a great deal of money out of the so called anti terrorist crusade drives them on.

Por Néstor Núñez
Servicio Especial de la AIN