A3 Newsletter:  Feb. 17, 2011   


International Coalition to Free the Angola 3


Judge Brady Rules in Albert's Favor!


Afternoon all,


Great news!


The hearing on Tuesday went so well that Brady has already ruled in Albert's favor, granting Albert an evidentiary hearing on the issue of discrimination in the selection of the Grand Jury foreperson (read the 2 page ruling here).  The presumption that discrimination occurred is now technically in our favor and this hearing will be the State's chance to rebut it.  Timelines are still being worked out but most likely the hearing will be scheduled by summer.


This is a small but important step towards again overturning Albert's unjust conviction.  A huge congrats to the legal team for the months of unexpected legal work it took them to get us back to this stage of the game, and lots of gratitude to all the supporters who made the trip to Baton Rouge to fill the hearing courtroom.  Thanks to a brilliantly argued case, the court is better poised to again give Albert yet another chance at freedom than it was when this process began.




Albert's 64th Birthday - Saturday, February 19th

Saturday, Feb. 19th is Albert's 64th birthday.  What a lovely gift this ruling is.  Here is his mailing address in case you want to send him a card :) 


Albert Woodfox/ #72148/ David Wade Correctional Center, N1A/ 670 Bell Hill Rd./ Homer, LA  71040

A3 Film DC Screening - Wednesday, Feb. 23rd @7pm

Just a reminder in case you will be in the DC area or have friends or colleagues who might, that next Wednesday, February 23rd at 7pm at West End Cinema the A3 film will be screened as a part of the Human Rights Watch Traveling Film Festival.  Robert will speak following the event. 


Albert & Herman



Herman Wallace


CCR - D - #6

EHCC Po Box 174
St Gabriel LA 70776

Albert Woodfox


David Wade Correctional Center
N1 A3

670 Bell Hill Rd.
Homer, LA 71040