Of Riots and Resistance

Eddie Conway’s Memoir & Book Release

Thu Sep 23

7pm.  $12, $10 students, seniors, CA members.  Advance tix recommended.


Creative Alliance at The Patterson

3134 Eastern Avenue Baltimore 21224



Political prisoner and former Black Panther Eddie Conway’s memoir, Marshall Law, comes out this winter and his non-fiction book unearthing the U.S. COINTELPRO program was just published, along with a new compilation of his interviews. Tonight Bashi Rose, Rain Pryor, Marc Steiner, Mama Kay of WombWork Productions, read excerpts from Conway’s memoir. Marshall “Eddie” Conway is a former member the Baltimore Black Panther Party. In 1969, he uncovered evidence of the FBI’s infiltration of the Panthers as a part of the COINTELPRO initiative, and found himself locked away, just one year later, convicted of a murder he did not commit. Currently in his fortieth year of incarceration in a State of Maryland correctional facility, he has played a leading role in a variety of prisoner support initiatives, including the formation of the Maryland chapter of the United Prisoner’s Labor Union, and the ACLU’s Prison Committee to Correct Prison Conditions. His memoir consists of four decades of memories experienced within the Maryland prison system. Some selections from the book are beautifully poetic, while others depict the violence of imprisonment and the parallels to slavery.


Guest performances include drumming of Street Delegates, and original hip-hop by The Dri Fish of THE 5th L. An audience Q&A with Conway via phone follows. All three books are on sale to benefit Conway’s defense fund. Additionally, a selection of Emory Douglass prints will be on exhibit and for sale. Douglass worked as the Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party from 1967 until the Party disbanded in the 1980s, and his graphic art has become an iconic representation of the struggles of the Party.


A revolution now cannot be confined to the place or people where it may commence, but flashes with lightning speed from heart to heart, from land to land, til it has traversed the globe ...
--Frederick Douglass

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