Greetings and program plans

Greetings Sister Gail and Brother Billy,

I pray that all is well.

Things are fine here with the huge exception of a nearly country wide drought! It's so dry and windy, reminds me of the dust bowl days in Oklahoma that I've read about. Top soil flying every which a way.

Despite that, we are still functioning and thriving here at UAACC. The recording studio, Peace Power Productions, is jumpin'!! I can't wait for y'all to hear some of the music coming forth. These youth are up on their revolutionary history and names like the Black Panther Party, and Fred Hampton, and Mumia, etc. are in so many of their songs. It is an absolute joy to work with such conscious musicians and poets. We are also making music videos that I know you all will enjoy.

Most of the music equipment in the studio was donated from the Oklahoma Health Care Project, a community service founded by Panthers in Oklahoma several years ago. Please let Sisters Chochezi and Staajabu that they have quite a following here among the youth! The book and CD that they gave me as a gift have been making the rounds, as have the one you sent, Gail, titled BAMM! Everybody loves their work and their unique style of delivery!

I think I mentioned to you that I will be in the states for this years Heal the Community Tour 2006 from September to November. I am just starting to fill in my itinerary but I definitely will be attending the Black Panther Party 40th anniversary!

I hope that I might have the opportunity to give a presentation about the work going on here, a continuation of the Party's most important service. In addition to A Panther in AFrica I will have a least one documentary by Sam Obae and Anwary Msechu (two of our long term volunteers and filmmakers who by the way, benefited from Brother Gaidi's knowledge) which explores the relevance of conscious hip hop in East AFrica and Arusha in particular. I will also have some music DVD's and CD's of some of the young artists here. There is so much talent and their consciousness reminds me of all of us back in the day! We are planning for Sam and Msechu to travel with me this year to some of the venues but their base will be in Kansas City.

Please enjoy these photos of a reggae and hip hop festival that I attended recently. They are some of the youth that we work with and who have graced PPP studios with their powerful voices. I look forward to sharing those voices with the communities there. It would be wonderful if the brother that I met while visiting y'all could come out and share his knowledge in the studio. All he would need is his ticket. UAACC will take care of his room and board contribution.

Brother Billy, did I ever tell you that one of the youth here, a Rasta brother and rap artist who is the son of the late Ras Daniel Heartman (the artist who created the original Rasta Baby image and was one of the actors in The Harder they Fall) had a Black Panther newspaper that has several articles about the Kansas City Chapter? It is the October 25, 1969 issue. Check out page 4. I wish we could come across more issues cause we used to send articles often about the work and challenges going on in KC. Okay, I'm outta here for now. Peace and love and hope to hear from you soon.

Take care and be well,
Sister Charlotte with warm greetings and love from Brother Pete