We Rocked da KKKourt for Cisco! in New York


Yeah, we rocked it, yall. Like folks did out in San Francisco for the former members of the BPP out there arrested for 35 year old bs. Because, of course, anything arresting, accusing, prosecuting any of us is bullshit when it aint dealing with the issue of the Original Sin: White Supremacy killing people, raping lands, enslaving, massacres, etc. WHAT!

Anyhow, lemme tell you: Yesterday, March 6th at the Manhattan Kriminal Kourt was just phenomenal. I would say that with the recent koutroom showing for the arrested member of the MXGM-New York Igwe Williams last month and our arrogant, belligerent expression of love for his release next very next day, we have finally been announcing to the powers-that-be that “uh’uhn…IT AINT OVAH YOU FASCIST MUTHA… POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Yeah, that was last month and that was yesterday. Not just one time in one day, but twice. And for our Elders Herman and Iyaluua Ferguson to be there. If you sorta closed your eyes you would have seen that bright-shining torch in the air. Not once, but twice.

First kourt, 4th floor: Obviously the docket got a lot of folks who have to come before this young-ass black woman judge for all kinds of minor so-called offenses. Young black woman judge, dam that hurts. She is the result of a Black Power movement’s defeat, of a revolution’s defeat. She is the face of (drum roll please) Neo-colonialism. Need I say more? Yeah, I gotta… So, the kourtroom is full, half us, the Beautiful Ones of the Revolution, and the other half is the Beautiful Ones caught up in legal madness. We there at 9:30 a.m. yall. Ready on what had to have been the coldest ass day new york imperial city. very fitiing for what is called US Justice and cold ass robotic kourt guards disrespecting The Beautiful Ones.

So come on now with the story! OK, so here we are. The family of Cisco Torres is there including his two sons whom some of us aint seen since they was kids. They be handsome young men now. Proud young men. Cisco and Carolyn, right on to ya upbringing work in the midst of a young men destroying system, especially young black and latino men. Panama Alba is there. Puerto Rico is there. Black Nation Elders Herman and Iyaluua are there. Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and the New Black Panther Party is there. Laura Whitehorn and Naomi Burns are there which was de ja vu for us as we looked at each and remembered “being there” for Cisco and the New York 5 back in the early 1970s and now here we are again, still “there” and still revolutionary supporting our comrades who stood up for us so courageously. Pam Africa is there. The Anarchist People of Color and Zapatista-inspired folks are there. Mumia folks are there. Resistance in Brooklyn is there. In other words, we turned out this fuckin’ kkkourtroom. Kourtroom Number One.

So, as we patiently waited and waited watching the show of justice we get word of kourt strategy. They are gonna drag it out, hoping that we get tired and leave, have to go to whatever plantation-job we gotta go to, whatever. Not this day, Miss Young black woman judge with your stylish short-cut hair and fashionable attire. Who ever said neo-colonial flunkeys cant look stylish? Sad, sadsadsad… Anyway, next we find out that they just brought Cisco in from Rikers via the traditional motorcade we were so used to back in The Day. But the kourt lies and say that he aint been brought in and that it may be a while before he is. Sounds like they want us to leave. NOT. We right there. We right there yall. This is for Cisco and his family. This is for Iyaluua, Herman, all our ancestors and the Political Prisoners. This is for our young folks. this is about a tradition of arrogant, rebellious slaves in massa’s kourtroom letting Urojuan, Nat Turner, Nehanda, Fidel and any of the world's freedom fighters know… WE HERE AND AINT GOING NO WHERE. In the meantime, as we watch the folks who are going before the judge, you would think that white folks must have secretly implemented a moratorium on kriminal offenses ‘cause overwhelmingly only folks coming before THIS judge are folks of color! And the few white who did, aint none look rich, privileged, etc.

So, OK, we jumped the gun. Anxious energy. When we knew that they were getting ready to bring Cisco out we stood up, fist ready to go up and through the ceiling. Judge says, SIT DOWN, SIT DOWN. WE’LL HAVE NONA THAT HERE. Or something like that. And man, lemme tell you, it was a moment of heart-warming pride. Aint nobody sit down and we stood long enough to make our point. WE HERE FOR CISCO. WE HERE FOR OUR DREAMS. We here FOR EACH OTHER. Powerful. Too much so for Miss Judge. Miss young black woman dispenser of white supremacist justice. So, what did she do? She flexed her muscles, activated her robotons and refused to have Cisco brought out! She was angry and her robotons pushed their own angry “I hate you” buttons. Boy, technology. But its cool ‘cause we made our point. So, people’s attorney Tarif Warren, after that short proceeding, brought us all outside the kourtroom and explained to us that we had now to go to the 11th floor for the next part of this show, and that if folks could stick around it would be great. Of course, we here. So its 2-2:30 and we on the 11 floor. Family, friends, and our wonderfully diverse group of proud hell-raisers.

Second kourt, 11th floor. We go into the kourtroom, damn-near filling it up. But as we march in we notice that there are robotons just lined up along every wall. Oh shit – THEY SCARED. Why else? Why else make a conscious decision to show overwhelming force to us? Why else decide to use this big-ass kourtroom JUST FOR Cisco? The power of an idea: Freedom. And the power of an idea whose time has come…again? Yeah, it warms my heart. I look up two rows ahead of me and see the backs of Herman and Iyaluua. I whisper to my young comrades: them's our Elders. from back there with Malcolm. COINTELPRO went after Herman way back then. They claimed he and others were gonna kill all the uncle tom leaders. we laughed that laugh that said, “right on to the killing.” But also clearly understanding the connection with this day. I looked to my left and saw Esperanza Martell and Panama, long-time Puerto Rican independence fighters. The New Black Panther Party members were keeping a keen eye on the roboton set-up and a young Trotskyist who thought it was still OK to disrespect any political event by pushing their organizational shit. NOT TODAY. And with all that, we sat and we waited. But not long this time. They announced his name, we saw that door open and this time not until we actually saw him… WE STOOD UP FOR HIM. OUR FISTS THRUST IN THE AIR. POWER TO THE PEOPLE LIKE WE JUST AINT CARE. In my mind I said, Yes! I looked at Cisco and even with handcuffs on, he smiled a smile that took some of us back to them days. He’s in a zone. a familiar zone, a combat zone, a zone of utter defiance. I love my comrade. Kourtroom Number Two left in ideological ruins, ha! Love does that y’know.

After the legaleze around this extradition hearing - rule this case that - and Tarif doing what he does best, they take him out, and WE STAND UP. AND HE SMILES BACK. Power to the people! We march back past the robotons (see, I aint called them pigs once!) and out into the hallway for Tarif to give us the victory summary and all. He explained that there was no sense in fighting the extradition. It was gonna happen. But he had to get certain thing said and on the record. He let us know that on the 12 of this month that Cisco will be extradited to San Francisco and that he is ready, as are The Beautiful Ones out there. The attorney who will represent him out there was here with us as well. Tarif thanked us for being there. The Torres Family thanked us. They did not have to: WE LOVE CISCO and we are proud of him and of ourselves because we have chosen not to give up the fight. And yeah Tarif, Cisco represents that unity of African and Latino People.

Tarif ended this day well. He is so much the people’s attorney and we who were/are PPs of the broad Panther movement, whatever alphabet we fought back from, we know his love for us is unconditional because his love for his people’s liberation movement is unconditional. The last thing he said after instructing us to take the political lead as his job was as legal technician, was to share the simple words of BLA New Afrikan soldier Mutulu Shakur:


Right on.
Free all political prisoners!
From the ground up, lets do it.


Ashanti Omowali
Jericho National Co-chair
March 7, 2007

-- Free All Political Prisoners!