Legendary Black Panther On Film/Lecture Tour

Queens, New York- (September 29, 2008) -- In response to the increasing demand as an international touring speaker, legendary Black Panther leader, Dhoruba Bin-Wahad is set to embark on a nationwide tour beginning in the Fall of 2008 and concluding the last week of African History Month, February 2009.

The tour will include several different forums and lectures and will highlight the re-release of the critically acclaimed, award winning film “Passin’ It On”.

A gritty and soulful classic film, PASSIN' IT ON is the story of one man in search of justice who is wronged by the nation with which he is at odds. Part indictment, part redemption tale, the film offers startling insight into the role of the Black Panther Party in a social revolution, and the New York Police Department and the FBI's devious targeting of one of the organization's most fervent leaders--Dhoruba Bin Wahad.

The subject of Dhoruba's proposed activist lecture series are segmented into "Forums". The forums will be collaborative efforts with fraternal organizations, institutions, social agencies, community groups and grass root formations. However, the focus of the forums are educational and designed to propagate an effective political strategic
vision by which to confront and address the contradictions of the empire from within.

When asked about the purpose of the tour Dhoruba responded by saying, “To inspire a new generation to struggle, and to pay the bills because the Movement didn’t have a pension plan”.

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