Veronza Bowers Moved

Greetings Comrades & Friends;

A short note to let you allthat our comrade Veronza Bowers was snatched up from F.C.I Coleman, Fl. and shipped to Atlanta,Ga. (Federal Prison Locator)on his way to F..C.I.Bennettsville,So. Carolina. He was able to get a call out but was not allowed to return to his cell to pack up his gear. Hopefully he will get his gear with in 60 to 90 days. We don't know know how long he will be in Atlanta or on the bus but will keep you informed.Bennettsville is about 70 miles West of Myrtle Beach and 75 miles S.E.of Raleigh/Durham, No.Carolina---A further analysis will be sent outshortly as to the negative impact on this towards his struggle to deal with the 4 years of false imprisonment since his manditory release date in April 2004.


His new address will be..
Veronza Bowers 35316-136
F.C.I. Bennettsville
Bennettsville, So. Carolina 25912

Free All Political Prisoners!