Dear Family, Friends and Supporters


WOW am I in love with Essence magazine, the May issue especially. So much so that I am asking all the folks that I know to purchase it, check out the props they have given to two Black Classic Press related books. Then of course I'm asking you to BUY BOTH BOOKS. First is The Tempest Tales, Walter Mosley's newest book which we are publishing. The wise folks at Essence selected Tempest as the Book of the Month. It should be in bookstores the first part of May. This is the third book we've done with Walter, who continues to keep his values around supporting Black independent publishing front and center. We’ve got a big job to do on marketing Tempest and getting the word out. This is an exciting challenge.

I am just as excited that two pages over from the review on Tempest is a glowing review of The Beautiful Struggle by Ta-nehisi Coates, my son, the writer. The Beautiful Struggle chronicles Ta-nehisi's coming of age during the 80's and the 90's. It's subtitled  A father, two son and an unlikely road to manhood,  so you can guess it includes a lot of stuff on things his dad, yours truly, did to bring him and the rest of my brood along, some pleasant and some not so. Ta-Nehisi has been writing for sometime now and he gets praise and props from all over.


I like Ta-nehisi's book for several reasons probably most because he tells how important books, reading, and strong Black values were to his coming of age. I'm also thrilled that he is celebrating the process of male bonding that occurs or can occur between Black fathers and sons. I also think this book is going to find a huge readership among African American women. Ta-nehisi provides an intimate look at what goes on in the head of our youngsters as they navigate the byways and playgrounds that intersect with their young lives.

Ta-nehisi and I could use your help getting the word out on both books.


Can you after picking up Essence and ordering both books, (  for The Tempest Tales and for Ta-nehisi’s book The Beautiful Struggle), pass this email to friends on your list and within your circle?

Thanks, thanks and more thanks.

Paul Coates