As some of you know, the EBE wrote a hit piece in it's August-Sept. issue.  Here's a rebuttal that's on point. KN





The truly devastating effects of J. Edgar Hooverís plan to silence by eradication any and all dissent to the policies of an oppressive system is still fully operational long after his death. Cointelpro, the central force of his agenda, used as itís main tool, the powerful voice of the media to spread lies, foster confusion by manipulating ignorance of specifics and manufacture misinformation in total Hollywood fashion. Journalists and the professional yarn spinners who call themselves authors prey on an unsuspecting publics fears and misconceptions to further the aims and policies of agencies such as C.C.P.O.A. This particular entity, which is the largest and most powerful union in California, puts out a steady stream of outright lies and half-truths designed to maintain the status quo of the Prison Industrial Complex. To do this they utilize the voice and influence of the media and intellectual elite. Just say it and itís true to millions who do no research and those who knowing itís insidious nature do not refute its claims. Many will simply accept the position put forth by Anneli Rufus and the East Bay Express on Black August because she is considered an intellectual and is writing for a paper that was once progressive. Unfortunately for all concerned, miss Rufus has done no research into the statements she put forth as truth in her article. George Lester Jackson was never convicted of killing anyone. There were no heavily armed panthers bursting into the Marin county courthouse. A single seventeen year old youth walked into that courtroom and was shot to death moments later by San Quentin guards whose policy was kill everyone In the van. The tagline Free em all belongs to a totally different movement and has nothing to do with Black August or George Jackson. Research! Fay Stender was shot by a madman who had no connection to George Jackson and acted out of his own warped imagination. Once again itís easy to just throw misconceptions out there as media sponsored because most will not question it. There was no gun smuggled into the San Quentin Adjustment Center under a wig. In nearly forty years no one has ever proved that some radical entity was responsible for a gun finding itís way into San Quentin Prison. Try walking around your office with a two-pound automatic pistol on your head under a natural or any other kind of wig. This is not to mention the thirty pounds of shackles or bending over naked for strip searches under the watchful eyes of several prison guards waiting to find anything out of order.

Black August speaks to prison policies like N.H.I., (no humans involved), that separate prisoners from even the right to live once the are convicted of any crime and sent to prison. It speaks to those who are especially singled out to the point of being set up for death for speaking out against the injustices that permeate the Prison Industrial Complex. It speaks to those who like Brother Bashir Hameed, become ill after decades of incarceration and extremely inadequate medical attention and die locked in a cell because they are not considered human and deserving of care. Bashir Hameed died in prison on August 30th 2008 because the prison administration refused to take him to an outside hospital. To them it was not that important in the scheme of things having to do with confinement and finance. Your article encouraged all to believe itís all so simple. Theyíre murderous radicals and undeserving of sympathy or even minimal respect or concern. The theme of Black August 2008 was Save Our Children. Our youth are dying in the streets daily or rushing headlong into the arms of the Prison Industrial Complex. Black August is about finding ways to reverse that trend knowing there are so many like you who simply do not care. N.H.I..






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