This message is to invite you (your group) to join us on Sat. Nov 7th, 2009  at 12:00 noon  in front of the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. as we pay tribute to Sis. Assata Shakur and demand that the million dollar bounty be removed and that all US POLITICAL PRISONERS BE FREED "

Join us for the




being held to End Police and Governmental Terrorism, Expose and Stop US Human Rights Violations, the demand to Re-open the Scott Sisters Case, the Ending of The Prison Industrialized Complex. implementation of real Prison Reform, a closer look at the Incarceration and Sentencing of Black  Females in the US, African/Genocide MAAFA  orchestrated and/or supported by the US,etc.


The Millions For Assata/Free All Political Prisoners  and MWM Human Rights/Natural Rights Campaign is an education, advocacy/activist, training, and on going strategy development cadre that has been formed by the official Million Woman Movement Human and Natural Rights Commission (International)

This pro-action campaign is committed to obtaining a million signatures, from around the world, that will be submitted to several international human rights groups/organizations, nations/governments, independent entities, etc  to help assure  the dismantlement of US (and any) attempts to re-enslave Assata Shakur and to have our demands heard throughout the world "We Want Freedom for Our People" Now.   

This campaign will also call for an independent investigation of the COINTELPRO operations that began 50 or so years ago and its newer versions of today.

The "Million for Assata"/Hands off Assata letters etc. will be available by request in a few days and then publicly issued on Nov. 2, 2009.  (Sis. Assata was liberated from a New Jersey Prison on Nov. 2, 1979)

Please distribute and forward the attached information to your constituents, comrades, and list serve networks.

Also, please keep us abreast of your upcoming activities coming up in Philly, DC and New York (as indicated below)

Let us know if you would like to have a representative speak at the upcoming Special Sessions forum for the African Peoples and Allies Self-Determination and Justice Week or The  Rally. 

Also we are a "Self-Determination" cadre so all donations are greatly appreciated. 

Thank you


Join us as we make the necessary preparations, for the 21 century, for true Liberation, and as we globally declare.


Descendents of the African Holocaust/MAAFA



Here are a list of cities participating in this week of protests regarding the issues of organized stalking and electronic harassment: 

Nanaimo, BC
Toronto,  ON

Various Locations:  Emails

Cincinnati, OH
Los Angeles, CA
New York,  NY
Philadelphia, PA
San Francisco, CA
Washington, DC