Court Battle over the Potential Holiday Eviction

Court Battle over the Potential Holiday Eviction
of 100 Algiers Families Begins

Court Battle over the Potential Holiday Eviction of 100 Algiers Families Begins

Residents under threat of eviction from the Woodlands will be going to court on Tuesday, November 28, determined to fight for their homes. Outside the courthouse residents and supporters will be demonstrating and speaking out against evictions they view as illegal. These legal proceedings are a step that residents hoped could be avoided. Many attempted to contact the new owner, Soundra Johnson-Temple, personally, only to have their calls unanswered. A delegation of tenants visited the home office of the Johnson Properties Group, LLC, on November 21 to share documentation of the improvements made in the last several months and a letter calling on the new owner to honor the tenants’ residency, among other requests. There was no reply. Mediation was offered at no cost by Community Mediation Services of New Orleans, an option supported by the Louisiana NAACP, but received no response.

WHERE: Second City Court, Historic Algeirs Courthouse,
225 Morgan St., Algiers (map)
WHEN: 8:30AM Tuesday, November 28, 2006 (court begins at 9)

Home for the holidays is the dream of these youngsters, who are threatened with eviction Tuesday, Nov. 28, from the homes they love at the Woodlands in New Orleans. The lack of affordable housing keeps hundreds of thousands of New Orleanians away who yearn to return. While the government locks tenants out of 5,100 units of public housing, Malik Rahim and Common Ground Collective invited 100 families to make the Woodlands, a run down but structurally sound complex, livable. As manager, expecting soon to own the Woodlands, Common Ground froze the rents at pre-Katrina levels, fostered a strong tenants union and ran a workers’ cooperative with paid trainees busily renovating all 350 units. Suddenly discovering that the Woodlands had been sold out from under them, Common Ground and the residents are fighting to stay home for the holidays – and forever – and calling on supporters all over the world to come to their rescue. Read “Save the Woodlands” to learn how you can help.

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William M. Johnson {BJ}
NYYork Rep Common Ground