Greetings n Communiations

Dhoruba Bin-Wahad

Dhoruba Bin-Wahad, W. Africa 2006

Greetings Brother:

Sistah Njinga out of Bmore is staying with me for a few weeks. She stayed with me before when she traveled to this part of Africa so it was good seeing her again. She is the one that pulled my coat to the BPP website as distinct from the sites work of various folks I'd rather not mention at the moment.

So I checked it out and I am impressed with what you've done in preserving a moment in our people's struggle. I wanted to say that on a personal tip. Of course, politically I am not so liberal (smile). Serously, I will let my family here learn from this site because soon we will begin a Pan-African Newsletter, and Pan-African News Network, and they have yet to appreciate the legacy of struggle they've inherited through my children.

Although I am in Ghana/Ivory Coast/Liberia region, my wife is Fulani From Guinea and our son's Futa based family is there. I said all this because your website's in english only and half of Africa speakes French, and all of the African Far East (Arabia,Yemen, etc.) speak Arabic. You should try and appreciate what a huge and largely sympathetic population exists out here but who have only heard of the myths and misinformation swirling around the Party.

I will be traveling to Asia and the Mid-East soon for a number of forums and conferences where the analysis and perspectives that will be presented make the abouttime website an invaluable window into the U.S. and its racist pyschic.

I assure you such insights will translate in to concrete support for an entire gamut of issues I think we all are concerned with, e.g. political prisoners, grass root empowerment projects (here its Relief and Refugee work that is decidely expensive and critically dangerous that I think folks back there tasted in the aftermath of Katrina). Think about the language thing...

As for the 'rades, I am attaching a flik that was a draft for something or other, please post it along with my " New Years Greetings for all of those comrades who continue to fight for the integrity of African People. Blood to the Horse's Brow and Woe to Those Who Cannot Swim."