Dear OCS Family & Friends, 


For the latest updates, I bring to you the OCS Online E-News To Go----an electronic news.  As part of the OCS Reunion Committee effort to redirect as much cost as possible---from production and promotions, the  follow files is being distributed to online e-mails of former students, staff, families and friends for  PRINTING at ones own PC Work Station. 


Six PDF Files & 2 Pix Attachments:

OCS Reunion Flyer (see & print PDF File)

**DIMOND PARK MAP (see pix Attachment File)

Ney's Cov. & Reunion Message (see & Print PDF File

OCS Reunion Program2008, (see & print the PDF File) 

Pre-order T-shirt Form (see & print the PDF File) 

**OCS T-shirt Layout (see pix Attachment File) 


FYI:  Currently we are putting together an OCS General Website: This site will be a central online place to get OCS news & information---at your leisure.  It will be a way to stay connected after the Reunion.  The website will "officially publish" by the reunion date---Saturday, July 19, 2008.


The General Procedure:  If you know of someone or come in contact with someone please have them get in-touch with Lorene @ 510.434.1824 or by e-mail:

to REGISTER.    This will give us a general head count and check off the food item/s one will bring to the OCS Reunion.    After registering, one can forward their e-mail address to my "alternate e-mail" below for OCS oline updates (until the website is officially ready to be published).  Thank you.



 Neome Banks-Marko, TPB

Tel / Fax:  510.487.8795

*Alternate E-mail:



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