January 1, 2010



My warmest greetings in continued struggle to you!


I cried with tears of rage, joy, and determination as I watched and listened to the powerful, insightful, and informative words of this Iraqi War veteran. Scroll down and click on the link/s below. He clearly links the racism, pillage, and genocide of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc., with the domestic emaciation of the people right here in this nation by the U.S. corporate / military government. He poignantly reminds us of who the real "terrorists" are.


My deepest gratitude to my comrade and colleague at The Black Commentator, Dr. Lenore Jean Daniels, for sharing this with me. 


May the year 2010, be The Year of the People!!!  We must redouble our efforts to expose and reverse the ongoing and worsening de facto 21st century corporate / military fascism of the Obama / Biden / Rahm Emanuel regime.


Onward my sisters and brothers. Onward!!


With love & rage....


All Power To The People!


In struggle,

Larry Pinkney

Editorial Board Member & Columnist

The Black Commentator



(please scroll down and view & listen for yourselves


"Any kind of movement for freedom of Black people based solely

within the confines of America is absolutely doomed to fail."






"If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine."