I know y'all don't hear from me to often, but some people move me in a very special way that  forces me to break my silence.  The passing of the Good Brother Smitty is one of those moments when I want to pause and reflect on life as a panther and the people that touched me in some special way.  I cannot be present at whatever celebration of Smitty's life that will take place, but I just want to share this thought: There are PANTHERS and there are PANTHER PUSSYCATS,  but Smitty is one those sincere die hard panthers who probably will head up the commission of building a panther heaven if there is such a place as a heaven.  Ever since I have known him, it seems that he has always been the elder brother with the walking cane, and always in panther regalia, exhibiting the essence of the pride of the panther, "glowing with splender and grace," planting seeds and never embracing defeat. A steadfast living love panther warrior, living the life that he loved and loving the life of the people's struggle.   Raise you hands in the air, for Brother Smitty, cause what he he had, he had love, what he had, he had soul.  Long live the "free mind,"  "free soul", and essence of a brother who love the people's revolution.


All Power to the People


Frankye (Malika)