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Seeking Eyewitnesses & Video of Mar. 21 SFPD Attack;
Demand Release of Those Arrested

San Francisco police arrested 10 people and assaulted many more during and after a permitted March 21 rally in the Civic Center marking the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Dozens of people suffered bruises, cuts and other injuries in unprovoked attacks. The police particularly focused their attack on young Palestinians and other Arab Americans.

As of this writing, eight of those arrested remain in jail, all but one facing felony charges, their average bail is set at $50,000. One of the women arrested remains hospitalized for a head injury inflicted by an SFPD officer.
Legal Update from the National Lawyers Guild on Mar. 21 Anti-War March in S.F.

There was a large amount of police violence at yesterday’s anti-war rally and march. The SFPD arrested ten people. Five are being held on felony Lynching and Resisting charges after a skirmish with police in the Civic Center. Their bails are $53,000 each.

At least one woman reportedly suffered a head injury during the arrests. During the same incident SFPD also reportedly seriously injured two women who were not arrested but were hospitalized with numerous injures including reports of head trauma and multiple broken bones.

Another five people were arrested in the BART station as the rally was ending after an incident involving pepper spray. Police arrested five Arab youths who were reportedly the victims of the pepper spraying. Two of them who were under eighteen were released to their parents; the other three are being held on Battery and Conspiracy charges also with bails of $53,000 each.

The NLG and legal volunteers are keeping track of evidence concerning these arrests. If you witnessed the incidents or know anyone who did, please have them call the legal support hotline at 415-285-1011. The NLG will also be looking for lawyers to help with arraignments.

Immediate Action Alert from Arab American Community

You can use the following to call or email city officials about the March 21st arrests:

Hi my name is____________________________. 
I am calling about the arrests of: 

Mustafa Albouyha
Majdi Abu Hamdieh
Elizabeth Haskell
Mohammed Ibrahim
Nadeen Elshorafa

These individuals were wrongfully arrested while participating in a legal, peaceful march yesterday. We are demanding that the charges be dropped immediately and that they be released to their families.

Make your call immediately to all of the following:

SFPD Public Affairs
(415) 553-1651 (ph)
(415) 553-9229 (fax) 

SF District Attorney
Bureau of Investigation: (415) 553-1030
Public Inquiries:
Erica Terry Derryck (415) 553-1167
Connie Chang (415) 553-9108 

Mayor Gavin Newsom
(415) 554-6141 

If you find out any update about these arrests during your calls, please let us know by calling (510) 534-7933. 

Forward Widely

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
2489 Mission St. Rm. 24
San Francisco: 415-821-6545