Billy X,
Thank you so much for speaking at Richard's memorial, organizing the Honor Guard, providing the beautiful banner, and helping to outreach to the BPP Alumni. 
We hope you had a safe trip home and missed you at the family dinner Sunday.  But it was a lot to ask of you to drive down from Sac twice!.

This is just the first of many thank you's. Words are not enough to express how important all your work was in making the memorial an event Richard would have been very proud of.
Though the plans for Sunday morning at the park got rained out, the Saturday Wheeler Hall and reception rallied everyone's efforts and brought us all together as community and family in the tradition of Richard's legacy.

In the meantime, we want to share the photos taken by Andre Nguyen on Saturday.

Hope you enjoy and more will follow soon.  Thank you again!
Peace and Love,
Bea and Harvey
"Based on my experience, Iíve seen where unity amongst the races has yielded positive results. I donít see any other way for people to gain freedom, justice, and equality here except by being internationalist." (Richard Aoki)

Please look for memorial announcements and post your respects to Richard on the following website: