The Bridge to Gretna

The Bridge to Gretna

Good afternoon. My name is Robin Sanders, and I work at CBS News. I'm writing let you know about a story "60 Minutes" will be running this Sunday called " The Bridge to Gretna." The piece explores one of the more well-know incidents emerging from Hurricane Katrina, when one (mostly white) town used force to prevent a (mostly African-American) group of fleeing New Orleans residents from crossing the bridge leading into their community. So was this a case of racism -- or self-preservation? That's the question Ed Bradley tackles in his fascinating piece.

We're trying to get the word out to as many people as possible who might have a particular interest in this subject. To that end, I was hoping perhaps you would consider sending out an email to your listserve and/or posting something on your website. The story will be be broadcast on CBS stations on at 7:00 ET/PT on Sunday, Dec.18. Further details will be posted on our website:

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Below is a short write-up about the piece.
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When Hurricane Katrina blew through New Orleans three months ago, thousands of people left in the city were trapped with no food, water or shelter, desperate to escape the devastation. The bridge that spans the Mississippi River from New Orleans to Gretna was one of the few ways out, until police from Gretna used force to stop pedestrians from crossing it. Since most of the police officers were white and most of the evacuees were black, the incident quickly took on racial overtones. So how -- and why -- were people who were only trying to walk out of a devastated city prevented from reaching relative safety?

Was this really a case of racism, or merely the story of a desperate town government trying to protect its citizenry? Ed Bradley investigates what happened on 60 Minutes this Sunday, Dec. 18, 7PM ET/PT on CBS.