Put this on your calendar, especially if you, like myself, missed the event in November.





Friends, the launch panel for my book, The Assassination of Fred Hampton:How the FBI and Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther took place in Chicago at Northwestern Law School
and was attended by 500 people. In addition to a presentation by me, the panel included incisive and profound observations by highly esteemed scholars and writers of African American History, activists, and my law partner Flint Taylor. Bernardine Dohrn moderated the panel which addressed the issues of the role of Fred Hampton and the Black Panthers in the Black student Movement, in Chicago politics,and their legacy in the world of racism, repression, and resistance today. It also included comments by honored guests Iberia Hampton Fred's mother, and Brenda Harris, one of the survivors of the FBI inspired Chicago Police raid of Dec. 4, 1969.

The launch event was videotaped and will be televised on Book TV on C-SPAN on Saturday Jan. 2nd at 11 am CST, and again on Sunday Jan.3rd at 11pm  CST.

I urge you to watch (and record it.) I don't know when or if you will ever see a more provocative and illuminating discussion by such qualified folks.

Best, Jeff
PS Back on tour in February in DC, Philly, Milwaukee and Chicago (See WWW.HamptonBook.com for specifics). I am looking for some additional academic venues.