Landon's Letter

It is with a great amount of sadness that I inform my many friends and colleagues that I am resigning my position at The San Francisco Foundation. I have accepted the position of Director of Housing and Small Business Development with the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation and will move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The LDRF is a newly created foundation and my responsibilities will involve helping to rebuild the small business and affordable housing sectors and prepare them to participate in a significant way in the massive rebuilding effort underway in the Gulf Region.

The program area I will direct is funded through a major grant to LDRF from the Bush/Clinton Foundation and has the potential to impact the lives of thousands of Gulf Coast residents. Making the decision to leave our friends and colleagues at the Foundation, the faith community, the community activist movement, and California itself with whom we have worked so long and diligently to enhance social justice was a difficult one to make. However, Ora and I have deep southern roots and believe that the opportunity and challenges that this move presents are ones that we can not allow to pass without taking advantage of them.

We have been in the SF Bay Area most of our lives and it will take us some time to complete the move to Louisiana. My last Day at the Foundation will be Friday, May 19th and my first day in Louisiana will be May 22. Because of the logistics needed to move a household across the country, Ora and I will be back to the Bay Area from June 5th through 17th to gather more posessions. Lastly, once we have settled upon a house in Louisiana, we will return again to make the major move.

I have truely appreciated the love, support, and encouragement that you have extended to me and my family over the years and wish I could embrace each of you individually to say goodbye but I know that that is impossible. My hope is that you will rejoice with us in the new adventure we are embarking on and that your love, support, and prayers will continue to sustain us. You will always occupy a place of foundness and warmth in our hearts.

Landon and Ora