Greetings Everyone:  (Sent as  bulk BCC)


As you may know I moved to the UAE in December.   This is a beautful country, don't come expecting to see what TV shows like things have not progressed.  \This country is 39 years old and has surpassed the US.

The buildings are amazing, so futuristic, and clean.

Everything here is well organized and functions a timely manner.

All are welcome regardless to your beliefs.

There are many jobs here

I have a huge free apartment, I do not pay for anyhing buy my clothes and food.

I am teaching English here.

The Emirates are very friendly and ladies they are FINE!!!!


Ilove it here.

I had planned on going to Jordan in March, but in lieu of what is  happening, I will go to another country instead.


I will be in LA for a week in the Summer, then I will travel around.


I have plans to go to Morocco in December.  I have a fantastic international travel agent.


I will post pictures very soon


Racism does exist big time, but it is the European teachers NOT the Emirates