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Richard Aoki is in Herrick Hospital in Berkeley Rm# 5109 please wish him well

New Developments in the Bobby Hutton Case

Article Credits: Mary Ann Carlton-Wyatt Michelle R. Matisons,
Robert P. Cabiness, Jr and Billy X Jennings

CAAC Goes To The Movies:

Wed. Jan 18th 7:15PM 1640 9th Ave. FMI446-3304. YOU DON'T HAVE TO RIDE JIM CROW. 1 hour A story of the reunion of 1947 interstate bus challengers, re-tracing the ride and telling their stories. MIGHTY TIMES, The Legacy of Rosa Parks 40 minutes.

Black Panther Rank and File Exhibit

Black Panther Rank and File exhibit will be held March 17, 2006 thru July 2, 2006. This exhibit is part of the 40th yr Legacy Celebration of the Black Panther Party. This will be one of the largest exhibits of Black Panther material ever. The focus of the exhibit will be the rank and file doing community work.

Exhibit sponsored by the YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS
701 Mission St. @ 3rd, San Francisco

We need your help

  • We need your help. Please make a donation to the 40th year Reunion Celebration and Conference. Your donation will go toward organizing expenses; i.e. posters, flyers, advertising and production expenses.
  • Make checks payable to:
    Its About Time

Black Panther Party Legacy
The Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center

The Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center is still open after more than 35 years and is still serving the community.

This clinic was started by the Seattle Chapter of the BPP back in 1969. First named the Sidney Miller clinic after a party member who was killed in 1969, then later changed to the Charles Drew Clinic.

Carolyn Downs worked at the clinic and died of beast cancer. After she passed away, the clinic name would change again to be named after Carolyn Downs for her hard work and devotion to serving the people. Many people helped the clinic grow and develop.

Dr. Green was the founding doctor and comrade Leon (Valentine) Hobbs later would bring his skills to the George Jackson Medical Clinic in Berkeley.

Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center

Conversation with Malik

I Spoke to Malik recently at SF State College. We're happy to see each other. Malik told me he will run for Mayor Of New Orleans, and that they need all the help they can get. Wanted me to tell the comrades "Come On Down and Help Build New Orleans again, we need your skills". Malik also said he would come back in October for the reunion and give us an update.

-- Billy X

PHOTOS - Malik Rahim at SF Sate College



No, Mondo says that he wants to sell prints of his artwork, so we just have the website displaying his artwork.

I am sending him a copy of your e-mail asking for a statement and I will also discuss it with him on the phone tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to the reunion in October of next year.

40th year Anniversary and Reunion Conference

Saluting the Legacy and The Rank and File Foot Soldiers of the BPP.

  • Workshops, Banquet, Entertainment, Film Fest, Memorabilia, Photo exhibits, Art exhibits, Speakers.
  • Oakland, California. October 2006.
  • All Panthers and children of Panthers are welcome. Make your plans to be in Oakland.

Reunion Update - Nov 21st, 2005

  • Paul Coates of Black Classic Press will aide us in the production of our Program book,Paul also produced our Program book for the 35th yr Reunion.
  • Steve Long will use his graphic skills to produce the reunion invitation.
  • Kiilu Nyasha with be an panelist on the Political Prisoner workshop.
  • Emory Douglas our beloved Ministry of Culture will host an wonderful slide show based on the Black Panther Party Newspaper and the art that appeared inside the covers. Emory worked on all but a few issues of the BPP newspaper.
  • Jimmy Slater will gather Cleveland Chapter history and do presentation.
  • Smitty will do report on history of New Jersey Panther offices.
  • Ruth Beckford has been asked to be a guest at the reunion: Ms. Beckford is the fame dance teacher and one of the key people to help work on the first Free Breakfast Program back in 1969.

40th year Anniversary and Reunion Chapter History

  • During the reunion, each BPP chapter, branch and NCCF will have the opportunity to report on their chapter's history; including members, programs and updates on what members are doing now.
  • Representatives thus far are: Aaron Dixon from Seattle, Oscar Johnson and Kent Ford from Portland, Ja Ja from Eugene, Oregon, Michael Zinzun from Pasadena, Talibra and Roland Freeman from Los Angeles, Malik Rahim from New Orleans, and Boko (Charles Freeman) from Houston.
  • To be added to this list, please contact us via the website.
  • Political Prisoner workshops: Jericho International and Malcolm X Grassroots Movement have agreed to aid us in doing workshops on political prisoners. Nzinga Conway will give a presentation on Eddie Conway.
  • Representatives from other political prisoner groups that want to participate should contact us.

Workshop for the reunion

Dr. Charles E. Jones Professor and Author of "Black Panther Party Reconsidered"
Dept of African-American Studies - Georgia State University

Call for the 40th year Reunion and Celebration
of the Black Panther Party

40th year Celebration

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It's About Time to host

"In the Belly of the Beast"

Photo exhibit by Bill Hackwell starting January 3rd to January 29th at K.I.N.K.S International, 15th and G street, in downtown Sacramento.

This is a collection of photos depicting People struggling for basic rights.

Book Signings and Fair

All authors with books out about the Black Panther Party or Black Liberation Struggle are welcome, please contact Sister Sheba via this website for more info and prices for booths.

There will be tours of historical Panther sites in Oakland. Tours must be booked ahead of time. Further info will be coming.

Any and all exhibits must be ok'd by the Reunion Committee, please admit your request for exhibit space, via this website.

The Main Library of Oakland has agreed to do an exhibit on the Black Panther Party newspaper which will run from September 1 thru November. Curator will be Billy X.

Panther News (official BPP alumni paper) will be back in print in January 2006. First issue will deal with the thief of our legacy by the Huey P. Newton Foundation, front for Black Capitalism.

Comrades Affected by Katrina

Update: September 13, 2005

MIM's Black Panther Newspaper Collection

Articles from The Black Panther, 1967 - 1970

Panther Memorabilia Wanted

We need your help: We are gearing up for our 40th yr. Anniversary and Reunion Conference to be held in October 2006, in Oakland, CA.

We need Panther memorabilia for our many displays and exhibits that will be available for viewing before and during the reunion.

We need Panther Papers, posters, photos, banners, buttons or anything else produced by the BPP. Photocopies are acceptable, if you don't want to send the original.

 For further info contact Billy X at:

 Phone: 916-455-0908

40th Anniversary T-Shirts

Black Panther Party 40th Year Reunion T-shirts and Bobby Hutton Legend T-shirts

$15.00 + $3.00 mailing for each shirt. Make check or money orders to:

It's About Time

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Panther on the Prowl T-shirts

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$15.00 + $3.00 mailing for each shirt. Make check or money orders to:

It's About Time

P.O. Box 221100

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Support the 40th Year reunion

Make a donation of $50.00 or more and get a 40th Reunion Year T-shirt

Panther Cub Needs Our Help (Lumumba Ford)

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  • Black Panther Party
    40th Year Anniversary Reunion

    October 2006

    Oakland, California

    Historical Photo

    A call to all Former BPP members their families and all BPP community workers

    A Historical Photo will be taken at the 40th year reunion in Oakland, October 2006. The photo will be taken on the steps of the Alameda County Courthouse. Be There !!.

  • Black Panther Party Singing Group the "Lumpen" will regroup and perform at the 40th yr reunion.  More info soon.

  • Workshops by Fred Hampton Jr., M1 of Dead Prez and Boots Wiley from Coup

  1. We're open for suggestions for the theme of the 40th yr reunion. Please forward your suggestions.
  2. Emory will be doing a slide presentation on the Black Panther Party newspaper.
  3. Our first meeting for the Reunion will be held in January in the Bay Area, with hook-ups from New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Los Angles, Houston and Atlanta.