Latest Update on Bashir Hameed

Please note: forwarded message attached

May 4, 2005

Just received this information from National Jericho

Today Bashir underwent open heart surgery. They have discovered 3 clogged arteries and he will have a triple bypass. The procedure should take about seven hours.

This information was given to us last night by his sister. She asks that all keep Bashir in their prayers.

As you know, Bashir suffered some kind of cardiac problem on Saturday, April 29. His family has been given the royal runaround, but they have persisted and send along this information.

Bashir is now in Albany Medical Center, in Albany, NY., where they plan to do tests to determine the extent of his cardiac problem. The family has attempted to get concrete and substantive information about his condition. They have contacted Albany Medical Center and Sullivan Correctional Facility.

Officials at both institutions refuse to cooperate. To date, Bashir's family cannot receive Bashir's medical records, although he has signed the required form for release of his records to his mother and his niece, who is a licensed physician.

Many of you have responded to an earlier appeal with your letters and phone calls, and that has helped. The family thanks you and encourages your continued pressure to ensure that Bashir receives proper medical treatment and that they have access to his medical records and consultations regarding the progress of his treatment and condition, as well as the right to visit him while he is in the hospital.

Your telephone calls help. The number for Albany Medical Center is:
(518) 262-3125. Ask for the Director of the Center.

The Superintendent of Sullivan Correctional Facility is Supt. Jim Walsh.
His telephone number at the facility is: (845) 434-2080.
Bahir's ID number at the facility is: 82A6313.

Call both institutions as frequently as possible, and demand that Bashir's medical records be released to his family as he requested.

I know Bashir would love to receive cards and letters from you, but we are not sure where to send them at this time. When we have that information, we will forward it to you.

-- Iyaluua Nehanda